Grizzlies Say Color Change Rumor Is False

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(Memphis) A rumor on the internet has lots of people talking.

A sports blogger put it out there that the Grizzlies might change its colors from blue and yellow to black and gold, but a spokesperson for the Grizzlies says the rumors are not true.

He told us the Grizzlies are not going to be changing its colors any time soon.

“I love the blue and yellow,” said Grizzlies Fan Deon Byers.

You can find those colors all over the FedExForum and in people's closets.

“We have flags, we have hats, we have tee shirts,” said Fan Derrick Mason.

When the sports blog popped-up on the internet, it made a lot of fans think they would soon have to do a lot of shopping.

Apparently the blogger got it all wrong.

The Grizzlies say there are no plans to change their brand or their colors.

The blogger for Three Shades of Blue thought changes were in the works when, as a season ticket holder, he got a flyer and golf tag in the mail all done up in black and gold.

“I don't know what information he got but he cleaned it up and changed the story to get the right information out there,” said Anthony Sain, another sports blogger.

If the Grizzlies ever wanted to change its brand or colors, the approval process would take years.

Grizz fans can rest assured that for now, the blue bear isn't going anywhere.