Forrest City Dance Coach Accused Of Giving Drugs To Students

(Forrest City, AR) A Forrest City mother claims her daughter’s coach gave her and other students drugs, and she says she’s got the proof to back up her story.

“[The coach] got the blunt, fired it up and was passing it around,” said Tamrika Chism.

Chism said her daughter’s dance coach gave her and her teammates marijuana a few months ago as a reward because practice went well.

Chism said she was snooping last week and found out what happened.

“I asked her how can you keep this a secret for so long! She said, ‘We like her. We don’t want to get her in trouble,'” said Chism.

WREG chose not to release the coach’s name, because there are no criminal charges filed.

Chism said she told the principal and superintendent what happened, and said they are investigating.

“She had all the girls give a statement separately,” said Chism.

We contacted Forrest City Schools and left a message with the superintendent. We have yet to hear back.

The secretary told us, “We cannot discuss personnel.”

Chism said other parents will back her up and she has recordings of students admitting they do drugs with the teacher regularly.

She said her evidence was turned over to the district.

“You have an adult introducing something to your child they don’t know anything about,” said Chism.

Chism said these are serious allegations the district needs to answer to.

“I’m so sure [this happened], I would lay my life on the line,” she said.


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