Forrest City Dance Coach Accused Of Giving Drugs To Students

(Forrest City, AR) A Forrest City mother claims her daughter's coach gave her and other students drugs, and she says she's got the proof to back up her story.

"[The coach] got the blunt, fired it up and was passing it around," said Tamrika Chism.

Chism said her daughter's dance coach gave her and her teammates marijuana a few months ago as a reward because practice went well.

Chism said she was snooping last week and found out what happened.

"I asked her how can you keep this a secret for so long! She said, 'We like her. We don't want to get her in trouble,'" said Chism.

WREG chose not to release the coach's name, because there are no criminal charges filed.

Chism said she told the principal and superintendent what happened, and said they are investigating.

"She had all the girls give a statement separately," said Chism.

We contacted Forrest City Schools and left a message with the superintendent. We have yet to hear back.

The secretary told us, "We cannot discuss personnel."

Chism said other parents will back her up and she has recordings of students admitting they do drugs with the teacher regularly.

She said her evidence was turned over to the district.

"You have an adult introducing something to your child they don't know anything about," said Chism.

Chism said these are serious allegations the district needs to answer to.

"I'm so sure [this happened], I would lay my life on the line," she said.


  • Pamela Carr

    I feel that this is a parent that have a problem with that lady because my son is on the Forrest City dance team and he say it not true. People can say anything and record anything but do they have pictures of her giving it to them ? I feel if you were a good parent you would not have had to find out your child would have told you the 1st day and that has been almost a year ago since camp so why is it just coming out ? #personalvendetta

  • felica

    Yeah ask the superintendent and the ask her what she got going on in her office! And see what comment u get hell she got more than that going on!

  • pretty in pink

    Just pitiful…. something in your life must not be going right causer you trying to ruining someone else’s life career and everything that woman had worked hard for. If she rolled up a blunt and passed it around your daughter had the choice to Say No to Drugs but she must was not taught that at home. . Nobody forced her to do anything thing that she didn’t want to do she did it because she wanted to and it must have been something that she is accustomed to doing you are probably just now finding out about it just like everything else. Maybe if you were sitting down taming to your child about what’s going on in her life you wouldn’t have to snoop and she would have been at a club… Don’t fault anyone else for your flaws

    • polo solo6

      Smoking a blunt probably was the only way she could calm them down to teach them dance. You know, get high and even goofy can dance. Plus if you replace ADHD meds for medical marijuna it proably will be safer!

  • M.Alicea

    From a parent who has personally experienced something very similar. I will pray for the students and family members going thru this….Go home tonight and hug your wonderful PRECIOUS children and let them know someone 1,700 miles away truly cares…..Our children is a true gift from God. God Bless each and everyone.

  • Big Mem

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. The parent should have let the school complete the investigation. If the parent above knew her life wasn’t quite clean, she should have found another avenue to get this across if the school had failed to investigate. Not a very smart move lady. Your child’s name is not listed, but Im sure people know whose child belong to you. I do believe her story.

  • Rena

    As a race of people we should be more concern with the safety of our children and not make this a personal attack on a mother. If she was introduced to drugs by a person of authority there should be actions taken. Come on people let’s stop being petty and tackle the problem at hand. It’s illegal to buy cough medicine is you a
    re under 18 years old but you all think it’s okay for a child to smoke illegal substance because they performed well.. Come on that’s make it about the children and not a concern parent…. It’s 2014 people of Forest City we do have rights now…..

  • Jenn Luker

    I am so sorry to have to reply. You all have no class. This is a community issue and you are all just adding fuel to the fire. Let us gain the upper hand we cannot afford the negative publicity. We are investigating. Hush now.

  • Huge Peter

    Ok her 3 degrees was in Ebonics, drugs and drugs. She didn’t go to school with the way she writes. She sounds like
    A monkey that just walked out of the Jungle. Ok the dance teacher was getting those girls high to get a little kitty Kat.

    • Pamela carr

      I need understand why am I your subject you don’t know me and I don’t know you so Why are you investigating me. Don’t worry about my education or my job because I not worried about you or your life . The question at hand is have drugs been giving to a child or children. And as a parent of one of the children on the team I have a voice. So for all who is doing spell check and using paragraphs please teach the children because I already have my education and I want to my children to get theirs as well.

    • Joe Bo

      What a coward you are peter, you say that to someone in person, bet you would pi $$ your pants. Can you say K.A.R.M.A.

  • pretty in pink

    Sweetie you worried bout the wrong child. .. worry bout y yo 9th grade daughter is in a club under age drinking and smoking. See she learned from u ha trashy mother… put some clothes on while u on fb showing yo nastiness

  • Pamela carr

    1st look like u the one need to learn to be a parent a real parent would not try to insult another child for what u got going on but at the end of the day what ever my son do a least he’s 18 and why and I’m not the on the news can’t control my child and if he do what your daughter looking for in the 9th grade but u know who Iam come tell me what u need the newsfor i will be filing charges against u for ur comment tell new channel 3 that

    Sent from my iPhone

  • T. Chism

    I will not do this..What ever you think of me, I could care less..All I can say is small mind, can’t spell, slave mentality having nobody, nothing ghetto trash has no room in my thoughts

  • Shauna

    Your replies saying a child smokes weed and likes d@@k are not ok and that should be taken as a hate statement…please stop this childish behavior and focus on the real problem here…that children should not being doing drugs at all or be given it by teachers..and if this is just some sick “payback” because you do not like the coach then there is a place for liars and it’s called Hell so enjoy your journey there.

  • toomuchlaundry

    “…3 degrees….. one of the largest companies in the world….check Forbes…” Good grief. Lol! Do you know about paragraphs, commas, and subject / verb / pronoun agreement?

  • Stepcousin

    If the teacher was giving the kids drugs,,.thats wrong. Parent instead of attacking her child and i know she did it first…shes wrong too… You might want to check with the school and see how the investigation is going. do you know that the teacher could be responsible for introducing your kid and others to drugs and you don’t know how long its been going on. even if her kid is smoking at least she is trying to take the whole thing serious. she shouldn’t called the news our schools around look bad to people. why do the kids like this lady so much. you may need to find out and get out of this comment sessoin.

  • Cliff Cobb

    The primary point is to investigate these allegations, or request a mandatory drug test of the instructor. Even steroid usage by athletes in schools is not allowed ,therefore there should be no big outrage about it. I think the entire ideology in itself is a sad reflection of the further decline of community morality and family values. First you remove prayer from schools, now we have to investigate if the teachers are promoting the use of illegal narcotics…it’s just sad.

  • Stepcousin

    The mother is known adn not in a good way… but don’t bring her kid into this. From what I was told by an insider, only 1 kid smoked with coach. the other kids just new about it and didn’t tell. So this parent blew this up more then it should be. she said she got proof. we will see…

  • polo solo6

    If a person can comprehend and have common sense, it’s not hard to figure out. Don’t sweat the small things, would you rather have a person with bad grammar at you on-line or a person with bad thinking at that a

  • Cliff Cobb

    I agree, but even if it is just one child, then that is one child too many. That one child and the teacher will put the entire school administration at risk by leaving them liable for any allergic reaction to the drug, or legal action of litigation (law suit) by the parent, or parent groups. Parents today do not want to practice tough love. We allow our children the rights and privelidges to do anything they like, because we remembera ll the dirt we did as kids back in the day. We don’t want to judge or spoil their fun etc……A lot of what we did behind our parent’ backs was sneaky, it was fun. Nobody wanted to snitch and get anyone in trouble…yet you have to ask yourself…does that still make it right?

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