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Attorneys Retained As State Continues Investigation Into Officer-Involved Shooting

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) We've learned the police chief and assistant police chief in Helena - West Helena, Ark., now have an attorney who represented them during interviews with state investigators over a recent and controversial police involved shooting.

That incident happened Feb. 13th when an officer was shot and two suspects were wounded as police went to serve a search warrant.

The Arkansas State Police took over the investigation because police officers were involved.

People who live on the west side of the Phillips County community believe police used too much firepower and say all the bullet holes left behind at the scene is the proof.

Neither Helena-West Helena Police Chief Uless Wallace nor his Assistant Chief were in their office Wednesday.

Attorney Jimmie Wilson said he was hired to represent the Chief and Assistant Chief during an interview conducted by the Arkansas State Police.

The interview was held at the Helen-West Helena Police Department a few days after an officer-involved shooting on West Cleburne Street at the home of brothers David and Charlie Randle.

Attorney Wilson said he sat in on the interview to make sure state investigators didn't solicit any information that could lead to future lawsuits against his clients.

Wilson stressed he was not hired by the City and would make no further comment.

On  Feb. 13th,  police attempted to serve a drug related search warrant at the Randle's home.

Dozens of shots were fired, leaving policeman Matthew Jarret and both Randle brothers wounded.

The day after the shooting,  family and friends of the Randles questioned whether police properly identified themselves and why the small house was riddled with bullet holes.

Bobbie Randle showed us the living room wall, covered with evidence tags, each indicating where a bullet had landed.

"This is about forty bullet holes right here," said Bobbie Randle.

Randle said her brother's were caught in a one-sided firefight.

"You done came driving up shooting. All them bullet holes right there, you came in the house for to kill somebody," said Randle.

Reverend Julious McGruder pastors New Zion Church a couple of blocks from the West Cleburne Street.

He said confidence in the Helena-West Helena Police Department had been improving until the shooting on Feb. 13th.

"We feel like we need some answers to really find out what actually happened, what all went down.  And deal with it as a community should," said Rev. McGruder.

Two other police officers received minor injuries during the incident.

David Randle was treated and released, but his brother Charlie Randle is still in the MED.

Because state police are still investigating the shooting, no charges have been filed.