Front-Loading Washer Smell Lawsuits Moving Forward

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(WREG-TV) If you’re one of those who bought a front-loading washer machine and complained that it smelled, you could be part of a new class action lawsuit.

Several customers have sued the makers of various front-loading machines claiming design flaws allow mold to grow causing the musty odor.

Some attorney wanted to file a class action lawsuit.

We recently spoke with a firm handling these types of lawsuits.

The manufacturers appealed to the Supreme Court saying the various lawsuits were too different to qualify for class action status.

The court however decided not to get involved meaning those cases may move forward.


  • Will

    I had a front loading washer until about 3 years ago, the mold that grew in it was horrible, no matter much much bleach I put into it and tried to clean, it didn’t stop the mold from growing in the rubber seals around the door…I got rid of it and got a top loading washer and haven’t had a problem with it since..

  • langor1

    We’ve had a front loader for 8 years, we leave the door cracked and have never had any smell issues whatsoever, no heroic cleaning required. If you take a wet machine and shut the door you are bound to have problems.

  • Amy Bohannon

    My front loader I use powdered dishwasher soap in a hot empty load
    also have to make reasonable sized loads and very little soap
    My wash machine only uses 13 gals of water no way excessive soap will wash out

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