DeSoto Sheriff Puts Renewed Emphasis On DUI

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(Hernando, MS) Of all the crime his department watches for, nothing gets DeSoto Sheriff Bill Rasco more upset than drugs and impaired driving.

”My goal is to make sure the County stays safe. If people are gonna drink and drive we’ll do our best to apprehend them and keep them from hurting someone or hurting themselves.”

He says too many times, people in DeSoto, or passing through, get behind the wheel of a two-ton weapon when they’re not in any shape to control a car, much less themselves.

That’s why he’s working on a $200,000 state grant to take care of what he calls a growing problem.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department has three DUI officers who made about 100 DUI arrests each last year.

Sheriff Rasco says that’s about a 30 percent increase over the year before.

He plans to put the money to use to keep his DUI officers on the streets more, to keep drunk and impaired drivers from getting very far, or getting behind the wheel at all.

”We’ll have more overtime money to pay these guys to work overtime and have more details. That’s the name of the game. We’ll set up roadblocks and do things like that.”

He says the more people see those officers, they less they’ll drink and drive.

”So folks can expect to see these guys more often, yes sir.”

The sheriff is also seeking a $30,000 grant to promote better enforcement of seat belt and child restraint laws.