Teen Charged In Death Of Friend

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(Memphis) A 15-year-old is charged after another teen was shot and killed in Memphis Tuesday morning.

Police say 13-year-old Cartrial Robertson and Darrin Wilson were playing with a gun when the gun accidentally went off.

Wilson is charged with Reckless Homicide.

Police originally were told Robertson showed up at a home in the 600 block off Hillcrest Street just before 3a.m. with a gunshot wound and collapsed.

A man who lives at the home said he and his girlfriend were at work at the time and her teenage boys were home alone.

He said officers found a gun inside the house and it's possible all three boys were playing with the gun and it went off.

He said he doesn't own a gun and doesn't know where it came from.

Neighbors were alarmed when they learned the age of the shooting victim.

"Thirteen. Still a baby,"said Walter Holston.

They hope it wasn't another case of a gun getting into the wrong hands.

"When parents not at home kids are going to do stuff. If you got a gun in the house there are safety locks to put on them, but if the parents don’t have a gun and somebody brings the gun what can the parents do?" said Greg Boyd.


    • HatesElvis

      The working people (the people paying city taxes) are moving out in droves. Soon Memphis will be like Detroit. Nothing but non workers living in the city limits. In Detroit, the tax base moved out of the city and you know the rest of the story.

    • HatesElvis

      I turned out the lights as I left my home in Hickory Hill. If you live in the city limits…..It’s time to move brother.

    • HatesElvis

      Don’t worry about the sidewalks gary and move out now. People are too sorry to repair their fences, etc. and pick up the trash in their yards and the city ” Expects” them to repair their sidewalks…..Good luck with that project! California has a much better chance of falling into the ocean.

  • Joanna Williams

    GEEZ!! Is there gonna be a shooting everyday of febuary? The police need to step it up. The city needs to put more money int he safety of our city than anything else. crime is totally out of hand here!

    • Don

      Awww, There has only one killing so far this morning in Memphis, but the day is young.
      I wonder if the autopsy will show any drugs?

    • LaDarius

      @Joanna: Why waste more assets on a lost cause? Pull the police out completely, let the communities find solutions themselves. In any neighborhood, the people know who is causing trouble in the area. If the perpetrators are not identified, then they are, in a sense, protected by the community. Therefore, unless those living with the criminals are experiencing a problem and actually help clean up any illegal activities, why should outside assistance and government forces be utilized?

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