ZBo Paying MLGW Bills Again

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(Memphis) Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph is once again giving back to the community by helping pay the bills of MLGW customers.

ZBo is covering utility payments for 100 families in need of utility assistance.

Randolph is establishing the Zach Randolph Community Assistance Fund with MIFA.

“It’s time I do this. It’s important to help single-parent families and families in need, because I was one of them, and I can relate to it,” said Randolph in a news release.

For the past last four years, Randolph has donated $20,000 to Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) to be allocated to families in the Memphis area as part of MLGW’s Plus-1 Program.

Plus-1 has provided nearly $15 million in utility assistance to families since 1982.


  • Gail Fouts

    God bless this young man. This just shows you that he was raised the right way and knows what its like to have to struggle on a daily basis and not know how you will cover the cost of things that are beyond your control.

  • Ron Shaffer

    If plus 1 has that much then why anytime my family has begged for help we are told they have no money at all? That is over half a million a year and in 13 years we are told the same thing. If they have no money how are they paying all those people at MIFA?

  • Bettie Tolbert

    I have gone to MIFA & been turned away because I was told we “did not meet the requirements of being needy”. My husband had lost his job last year & has been unable to work ever since & I am on disability, & we also have a 4yr old & we just got to the point we needed help but one of their “requirements” is u have to have lost your job recently & my husband losing his a year ago was ” too long ago” so we did not qualify for their help.

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