Shelby School Board Changing Size Again

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(Memphis) The Shelby County School Board will change sizes once again.

The current board will drop from 23 to 9 after a vote which just passed.

There was a plan to go to just 7, but some commissioners said the two extra spots were needed to reflect diversity.

The change is needed due to suburban schools which plan to open later this year.


  • Jimmie Covington

    Lawyers will need to weigh in on this, but I know from the history of the school boards that the County Commission under state law does not have the authority to exclude the voters in the municipal districts from voting in the county school board election. I believe there will have to be a hearing in federal court and presumably Judge Mays will have to make a ruling that allowing the voters in the municipal districts would violate the voting rights of the voters in the areas served by the county school district. I believe it is a more complicated issue than it would seem on the surface. I don’t think it is something that can just be submitted to the court for approval. It also seems likely that the state Attorney General’s Office would want to weigh in on the issue. Years ago there was a federal court ruling in another county in Tennessee which prevented the voters in a couple of municipal districts in the county from being excluded from county school board elections. I am not saying what should or should not happen here. I am just pointing out that there are very likely some complications ahead. jcov40

  • tngrandma

    Personally, I would have NO PROBLEM with NOT being allowed to vote for the SCS board. Come this fall we will not be a part of that district.

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