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Parents, SCS Still Unsure Where Some County Students Will Attend School

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(Shelby County, TN) Parents of students who go to schools given away to the city of Millington don't know what's on the horizon.

“They're still contemplating everything not a lot of resolve,” one parent said about the board’s plan.

That's because Woodstock Middle School may become a high school, but where would the middle schoolers go?

What about pre-k at E.A. Harold Elementary? School administrators say it could disappear altogether.

“Where a parent sends a child to school is the most important decision they'll make but we're not operating under the best of circumstances,” said board member Chis Caldwell.

The families in question live near the Mississippi River, as far northwest as you can get in Shelby County, and most are worried about high school. Kids may have to commute to Bolton High, all the way east near Arlington.

“I couldn't imagine him having to drive so far away,” one parent said. “I want something close to home.”

“You have 385, which is notorious for issues in the winter time,” said another mother.

Parents said they would pay for private school tuition before they bused their kids so far.

One lawmaker said, don't act just yet.

“I'm sure Millington would be willing to take these kids,” said Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland.

Roland said the only real solution is send county students to Millington schools.

He said the county and suburbs need to work together.

“No body fought the unified system harder than I did, now is the time to put that aside,” Roland said.