100 Cases Of Norovirus Confirmed In Shelby County

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(Memphis) The Shelby County Health Department has confirmed one hundred cases of the highly contagious gastrointestinal virus Norovirus have been confirmed.

The cases have all been confirmed since February 1.

There have been five separate outbreaks, with the largest involving thirty people.

Norovirus can spread very quickly from person to person in facilities such as daycare centers, hotels, nursing homes, and schools.

The virus is transmitted by: Eating or drinking liquids that have been contaminated; Touching contaminated surfaces or objects and then placing hands or fingers in eyes, mouth or nose; Having direct contact with an infected person (i.e. changing diapers, sharing foods or eating utensils).

The health department warns:

Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramping and vomiting.

Some may have chills, fever, headache, muscle aches and a general sense of tiredness.

Here is a look at the trend of Norovirus cases

The symptoms can begin suddenly and those infected may go from feeling well to very sick in a very short period of time. In most, the illness lasts for one or two days.

Individuals with Norovirus illness are contagious from the moment they begin feeling sick until at least three days after they recover, and some may be contagious longer.

Norovirus is especially dangerous in elderly, those with other health conditions and young children. Dehydration can occur rapidly and may require medical treatment or hospitalization.

Antibiotics are not effective in treating symptoms or lessening the severity of norovirus.

With no vaccine to prevent norovirus infection, the following are prevention tips to stop the spread of it: Wash hands frequently with soap and water, especially after toilet visits and before eating, preparing or serving food or drink.

Hand sanitizers are not as effective against norovirus. Clean and disinfect surfaces contaminated with diarrhea or vomit immediately using a bleach-based household cleaner, or dilute household bleach 1:10 in water (must be mixed fresh daily; never use undiluted bleach). Stay home when sick. Do not prepare food for others when sick and for at least three days afterward.

If individuals suspect an outbreak in an assisted living facility, school, workplace or other “closed communities” where there is a shared food source or contaminant, the SCHD recommends reporting it immediately by calling the Epidemiology Department at (901) 222-9243.


  • Kayla Lockett

    My whole family including myself all caught it in a matter of 24 hours. It happens so quick. I can honestly say this was the worst virus I have ever had. Word of advice to keep from getting so dehydrated still try to drink gatoraid. It will come right back up but atleast your getting some fluids. I’m on my second day and finically stopped vomiting now just soreness aches and pains.

    • Jill

      I’ve had this now for almost 48 hours and it is by far the worst stomach virus. My legs and back ached with this as well. I’m praying my kids and husband don’t get this.

  • Kelli

    I seriously think I have this. I got up to go to work this morning and was literally back in bed within 45 minutes. It came out of nowhere. I have been vomiting all day along with Diarrhea.. Chills and aches. I am drinking a lot but have thrown it all up so far. I’m very weak and tired. Probably need to go to Dr but cannot get out of bed for more than 5-10 min without feeling worse… This is a very rough virus…. 2 of my kids have it too so my Husband is taking care of all 3 of us…:(

  • Katurah

    All three of my kids have had it since Friday at 3am. Their father just got sick all of a sudden Sunday night with vomiting body aches, migraine. My youngest daughter was still not feeling yesterday. I have been feeling nausea all weekend but I haven’t vommited yet. I really need to resanitize my house with bleach.

  • Lonette

    I believe my son just got over this. He started feeling nauseated, bad headache, chills, aching all over (mainly his legs). He vomited for 4 days, had diarrhea and a low grade fever. I’ve never since him so sick. I was very close to taking him to the ER for the fear of dehydration. We think he may have gotten it from eating at Taco Bell.

  • kiddy

    Now I see why I was so sick with aching pains all over my body along with diarrhea. I was going to the bathroom every 3-5 minutes to make a bowel movement, it was tiring and horrible and had me weak. I think I lost two pounds after that. I guess my grandbaby passed I on to me because I had him over the week of Feb.5 and he all of a sudden started going on himself as I was potty training him. However, I’m ALWAYS careful of washing my hands before and after doing anything! So when I got diarrhea, I couldn’t understand why and where it came from because I didn’t have the stomach cramps that sometimes come with it. I hope that I’m clear of that NASTY VIRUS!

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