Department of Safety To Address Problems At The DMV

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A special strike team is headed to Memphis this week, to address problems at the DMV.

Last week, hundreds of people were turned away from the center at the Hickory Ridge Mall; they were locked out, after waiting for hours.

But, we've learned the strike team will only work with the Shelby Drive Center.

Here today is the state's Assistant Commissioner For Driver Services, Lori Bullard and the Director of Driver Services, Michael Hogan.


  • Will

    Quit hiring low IQ idiots to work a job where they sit around all day doing nothing but moving at the speed of molasses…

    You get there at opening and then sit half the day while people jerk around the background doing nothing, hire people who want to be there not people who think they are entitled to a job and think they can do what they want and not serve people.

      • Thomas H. Evans

        AMEN! If either of these people had a clue or spent one day at either of these locations they would easily see that they have people working in these places that have no idea what “Customer Service” is. Bill Gibbons says get it to no more than 30 minutes, the female guest says she don’t know if they will ever get it to that; so which is it, Bill wants 30 minutes, she could care less?

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