Father Dies After Son Stabs Him

Posted on: 4:24 pm, February 21, 2014, by , and , updated on: 06:57pm, February 21, 2014

(Shelby County, TN) A 54-year-old man is dead after his 26-year-old son stabbed him.

Quenton Toler was charged Friday evening with first-degree murder.

The stabbing happened Friday afternoon at 7526 Starfire Cove, where the pair was installing a gas fireplace in Bernie Lomax’s home.

Lomax says he was sitting in his living room when Quenton called for him to call 911.

“I leaned over Mr. Toler to ask him what went wrong. I thought he had a stroke, but I saw the blood pouring out the right side of his shoulder,” Lomax said.

Quenton and his father apparently started fighting while working.

Authorities found Quenton about a mile away from the home and took him into custody.

Lomax said he had done business with Joseph for 15 years.

Friends of the family tell WREG the father had recently taken his son under this wing in the family trade.


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  • nick gerz says:

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  • Janice says:

    Fatricide = Dumb white people

  • Robert says:

    Joe was a great guy. Him and his son came into the supply house just this afternoon and bought items for this job. I’ve known him for 5+ years and never dreamed that this would happen. You just never know……….

  • It's what I know says:

    Quentin looks like he has a mental disorder. Guess he will be working on that now.

  • ray says:

    Demonic spirits have no color preference.


    joe was a hell of nice guy been knowing joe for years rest in peace JOE


  • Elismom says:

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  • ihateallthingssnowbeastattiud says:

  • It really warms my heart t finally read a “father/son” story on this website.

  • Edward Toler says:

    My father may he rest in peace as well, mentioned on occasions if you don’t have anything nice to say try not committing at all, sometimes we need to set aside our differences, and be a little more understanding, I like to thank some of you for your blessings

  • D D S says:

    This is so tragic Edward, my condolences to you and the entire family including Quentin. This is such a tough time for everyone involved.

  • Katrina says:

    Quenton loved his dad. He has been dealing with mental issues for a while. We love and embrace him because that is what we are called as Christians to do. Lord, please have mercy on him and we lean on you for understanding because you know far more than anyone. Comfort his wife, children, mom, sisters, brothers, and all family that have been impacted by this tragic event. We need you Lord in this hour. I will missJoe, he was the rock of our family.

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