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Mysterious Beast Killing Dogs In Cordova Neighborhood

Posted on: 5:25 pm, February 21, 2014, by , updated on: 10:22pm, February 21, 2014

(Cordova, TN) A large beast is terrorizing a Cordova neighborhood.

The animal has killed large dogs and is leaving behind what neighbor describe as large, cat-like paw prints.

A company that tracks wild animals has been brought in to set up motion sensor cameras.

Neighbors hope that will at least tell them what is killing their pets, before the animal tries to make children its prey.

Debi Stanford lives in the Carrollwood Lakes neighborhood in Cordova and said everyone is talking about an elusive beast that is on the loose.

“I call it The Thing… The Creature, The Thing. We don’t really know what it is.”

Another resident, Darrell Freeberg, said he has been trying to guess what it may be.

“People have said it’s some kind of bobcat…Maybe a coyote.”

Whatever it is, the animal that has been preying on pets in the neighborhood, is big enough to kill large dogs, some of them over 100 lb.

“The dog had its throat completely cut out,” Freeberg said of his neighbor’s dog. “Just like some animal had grabbed it by the throat and ripped it apart.”

So far, three dogs have been killed and another injured.

Adding to the mystery, the pets were all fenced in when they were attacked.

“Whatever it is, it had to climb a 6-foot fence,” Freeberg said.

That has people worried not only about their pets, but also about the safety of children in the neighborhood.

Freeberg said, “There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I’m a little worried about it, until we find out what it is.”

Until the beast is discovered and captured, neighbors like Stanford said they simply won’t feel safe.

“It’s elusive,” she said. “It’s nocturnal. It’s fearless. It’s obviously hungry!”

In the meantime, neighbors are putting their pets indoors at night and keeping them on tight leashes.


  • Magilla Gorilla says:

    Mysterious beast? DUH it’s a cougar…one was caught on camera recently in SW Tennessee.

  • HonkyMan says:

    Its probably a mad Bronco fan?

  • Lisa VnNostrand says:

    There ARE cougars here…. no doubt about it. Prints and scratch marks have been found in Olive Branch area for years.

  • GrizzFanatic09 says:

    El Chupacabra? Hope this creature is found/captured.

  • Rustee Shackleford says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a satyr problem! Either that or Sasquatch been hookin up with an Alpaca.

  • Magilla Gorilla says:

    I’ve seen a couple of cougars around the bars near the airport, but after closer inspection they were just skeezers.

  • MikeHall says:

    It is a mountain lion. There have been several reports that they have been spotted again in Fayette County, but these reports were ignored by TN WIldlife who did not take it seriously! These cats can kill small children. Both counties need to be on alert!

  • e says:

    Folks this is a panther. They are mainly nocturnal, usually shy & very strong. Growing up on a West TN farm years ago, I’ve seen their prints close to the river bottom areas. Their color ranges from black to dark brown to the tan color. The ones in this part of the country are usually black/dark brown. I’ve never seen one …..always wanted to. Sounds like one has gotten bold & found out that the poor neighborhood dogs are easy prey. Panthers have been documented in this part of the country ever since the early settlers first came here.

  • MikeBarret says:

    Almost surely a bobcat and my bet is Lynx rufus floridanus, a/k/a Florida bobcat. Cougars while not unheard of are rare in west TN. Then there’s this pic of a “panther” on top of TWRA vehicle which is just somebody’s pet cat.

    • Wake Up says:

      A bobcat won’t kill a hundred pound dog. It won’t cross one unless it has no choice. A thirty pound dog maybe. Multiple thirty pound dogs and it is prey not predator. A cougar will scale a fence with a 60 pound dog in its mouth…

  • brian scott says:

    cougers!!! really!!! Is she pretty and rich.? Hook me up

  • langor1 says:

    Cougar, panther, puma, mountain lion, call it what you want, I’ve had one cross directly in front of me on Hwy 305 in Desoto county and bare teeth. I thought it was a Great Dane at first, the tail alone had to be at least 3 feet long.

  • diane says:

    My husband came running in to read me this story, in the past 2 weeks we have been trying to catch on tape a Mysterious s Cat that scared my son when he was walking home one night in Tipton County. It’s been seen 5 times since then by different people and now after reading this article I am more afraid to go out into the yard after dark. For some reason this thing likes my yard and small wooded area

    • rose says:

      where at in tipton co do you live diane? i stay in mason and saw a panther and a lynx actually running together across the road into a clearing. saw them clear as day and still had to do a double take. they were to quick for a picture.

  • nick gerz says:

    its el chupa cabra!

  • Russ says:

    Did they ever find what was killing the pets? I am interested in knowing if it is a human prank or not;;;;

  • Sonni says:

    January 2013 morning in Cordova (between Pisgah Rd & Macon Rd), I walked out on my deck, heard the stirring of leaves below, looked down and saw a mountain lion. Yellow, about 3 ft. tall, tail 3 ft. long trotting back into the woods. Spring afternoon 2013, Nurse at my doctor’s office saw one in a tree in her back yard in Cordova.

  • Joe Bledsoe says:

    Very Likely a cougar, puma, mountain lion whatever you want to call it. Have seen one in the woods around Ashland, MS. Almost shot it but didn’t as I didn’t know the hunting law regarding it.

  • Susan says:

    Carrollwood is right behind my house and I have informed my dog she will not be going out after dark. It’s been several years ago but my husband saw a cougar cross Rockcreek Pkwy where the creek crosses under the street.

  • Neal Barnes says:

    About a week ago, in the afternoon, I got a glimpse of what I thought was a bobcat near Canada road in Lakeland. Light yellow with a short tail and a boxy head, about 50 lbs, heading south through the woods.

  • kitkatceo says:

    How about in the meantime until they confirm it’s a cougar, everyone use precaution, try to keep gates closed and even if your back yard is fenced, don’t leave pets out alone after dark….or small children. If you walk your dog at night, take a flashlight and something that can make a loud noise. Even big cats can be spooked and are more likely to run off vs attack.

  • ALWAYS bring in your pets at night!! As people move into nature, you also move into the wildlife’s homes! PLEASE be respectful and do not leave food laying around to entice them! Common sense should tell you to watch your children…..What a horrible way to lose a pet!!

  • it could be a bobcat also. there small, but there like tasmanian devils. and they can jump very high.

  • Tracy says:

    They hide in trees? Would bear mace protect you if you walk your dog with a leash at night?

  • Sam says:

    I know I would be so sad if something killed my doggy. My sister’s pitbull already killed my 14 year old kitty cat… It is so sad to lose a beloved pet. R.I.P. Doggies

  • preston says:

    i think more than likely, its a mountain lion,i live in Wayne county on the other side of the Tennessee river. i got trail cam pictures of a mountain lion in front of the camera bout 15 ft away. i reported it to TWRA with photo proof and they came out and asked me a few questions and after that they told me strait up that it was indeed a mountain lion and they told me to NOT shoot it if i personally came across it in the deer woods. my father has gotten lots of cattle and the last thing we need is a super sized cat eating our life stock. they also said that the big cats are more common around here than alot of people think. but its mostly woods and hills down here,rather than cattle, dogs, or house cats either way we need to look out for our pets and take care of them. they are our

  • Barbie says:

    I wish there was a “like” button for some of these comments. As serious as this is, I was thoroughly entertained by some of y’all!

  • Daryl Rarajczak says:

    As much as TWRA would love to document a wild free-ranging cougar, there has not been one documented in Tennessee in close to 100 years. Although they are getting closer and closer to our borders we have yet to receive concrete proof (I.e. clear picture, DNA, etc) of one within our state. If any of you all have a picture of a cougar in Tennessee please feel free to email them to We would absolutely love to document one but we have yet to receive a clear picture (Serious pictures only please, and just so were clear, black panthers are not even native to North America).

    • Rhea says:

      I agree with you that black panthers are not native to North America, however I regretfully inform you that that is indeed a black panther roaming southwest Tennessee and north Mississippi and has done so for the past six years that i know of. Mississippi game wardens stated emphatically that it was impossible that a black panther was on the loose in the area, but they did some serious backpeddaling after they were shown a video of a black panther crossing State Line Road.

  • kab says:

    Definitely sounds like a mountain lion. And small children??? These big cats can and have killed adults out west. BE WARE!!

  • Macey B says:

    I live off Rockcreek and my husband has seen what he thought was a cougar.

  • Terrie says:

    forget the flashlight. Lock n load!

  • Brad says:

    You people do realize that bobcats can get very large, and bobcats will take down deer right?
    Mysterious beast? I think not.

  • Glenda says:

    We live in Carrollwood Lakes and have seen a coyote on two separate occasions on Rockcreek Parkway not far from Germantown Parkway in the last couple of months; but not sure a coyote could climb a 6 ft fence or would take down a 100 lb. dog.

  • Craig Morgan says:

    I spotted What appeared to be a bobcat today (2/25/14)
    at 4:00 p.m. on 385 and Macon .I did get a picture although not a very good one.

  • Will there be updates on this? I live in this area and have been going outside with my dog ever since I heard. If you hear anything please let me know

  • Leah Beake says:

    I live n Oakland & one night last summer I was outside smoking & I heard this strange noise coming from the woods by West Jr High. I’ve heard that mountain lions make a noise that sounds like a woman screaming. That’s what this sounded like, a woman screaming. I was able to record the sound. It could of been any kind of wild animal, but what ever it was sounded very scary!

    • Sue says:

      I live near Mebane and heard the same sound. It sounded like a woman being tortured! So scary!

      • Helyn Williams says:

        I had made a statement about this when I saw on the news, Mysterious beast that was killing their dogs. This sounds like the same creature that was killing pets in my neighborhood. We reported it to the life association. They couldn’t catch this creature and reported that it was some coyoties.   The sounds we heard wasn’t Coyoties. So if you hear anything more about this story please post this message to tweeter,facebook ect.  People need to know this is not a four footed beast, They don’t want this story to get in the media. 

  • Laz Jemison says:

    Good grief! … Are you allowed to roam around unsupervised?

  • Janet Farey says:

    Sounds like you have a very dangerous kangaroo on your hands.

  • Tracy says:

    Your comment had me LOL!

  • Josh says:

    He’s using the trees. Get to the choppa!

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