Step-Mother Charged With Murder of 2-Year-Old from Olive Branch

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(Olive Branch, MS) A woman is charged with killing her two-year-old stepson in Olive Branch.

Police didn't arrest Patricia Gale Redman until the autopsy report was released Wednesday.  She has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bond.

Last month, police said they got a 911 call saying a child was unresponsive. The child was eventually taken to Le Bonheur where he died from "severe and suspicious" injuries.

DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion told us, “At Le Bonheur, basically the child had to be taken off life support. We were called in on it and began working with the Olive Branch Police.”

Olive Branch Police Chief Don Gammage said Redman had only been married two weeks. Right now, the father is not being charged.

"These injuries are severe. You're talking about a two-year-old boy who's pretty much defenseless. He's helpless. It's pretty bad," said Gammage. "I looked at the autopsy report. It was if not the worst, one of the worst I've seen."

Sources told WREG the father was home when it happened, but was on the other side of the house. We're told the biological mother lives in Seattle, Washington.

The father also had a 7-year-old who lived at the home. Family members are taking care of him.

We talked to Redman's attorneys. They say "this is obviously a tragic death of a two-year-old child that she deeply loved and cared for and that tragedy was not at her hands. We have our own investigation that we will be prepared to present at the appropriate time, which we firmly believe will shed light on underlying facts and exonerate her."

Redman is expected in court Tuesday morning.



    Like I have said…CHILDREN ARE A GIFT FROM GOD AS SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH……If you don’t want your child…please don’t hurt them…I will gladly take care of them!!

  • Janice

    This is a crying shame. But what’s even worse is the outrage on Ms. Walker’s page but none on this one. If an African-American is charged, they are vile, evil, and should be thrown to the wolves. If a Caucasian is charged, they “are not in their right mind.” These attitudes exhibit blatant hypocrisy and overt racism. It is a travesty that two children have lost their lives! Period.

    • Elismom

      I totally agree with you…I wasn’t gonna bring up race…but you’re right it is a shame how some people always disregard the truth….and the truth of the matter is, is that evil comes in all races! God rest all ALL these innocent childrens’ souls.

      • Cherrie

        Like I said on yesterday, there is no certain group that can talk about the other. Crimes are high in every sector and group. Everyone needs to stop all the race batting and start praying and not just when these things come to light.

    • Melissa I. Hill

      I agree with you as well. I don’t think anyone that can hurt a child can be in their right mind, race aside. It’s just so stupid that anything that happens in Memphis has to be along racial lines. I have lived here most of my life and it is something that amazes me every day. There is no healing for it because of the media and the mind-set of ALL Memphians. I pray for this woman and Ms. Walker, in hopes that they realize the effects of their unforgivable (on a human level) actions. Memphis, stop looking at race as a deciding factor and start seeing that we, as a collective group, have the potential to be evil.

    • Brandie

      give me a break. the other story has been ALL OVER THE NEWS for months. this one has not. maybe that is the reason…. i am soooooooooo sick of the race card.

      • Ms.Jones

        Ahhh, the ol’ reverse racism “buttt, but, but wait!!” ploy. Get over yourself and get over the fact that your ilk would have ran this female through the mud had she been African-American. Embrace the harsh reality of your kind. Accept the fact that African-American are shown in a most unfavorable light while your nasty, vile, disgusting crimes are swept under the rug and tightly packed to keep your lily whiteness as pure as possible.

        Lest we forget Casey Anderson, Andrea Yates, and Susan Smith…ah yes, they had “mental problems” while Ms. Walker was an animal, a POS, and countless other derogotory words. Psssh.

      • MikeBarret

        I for one made it real clear the other day. Before they charged Aniston’s mom. That just because someone is accused doesn’t mean anything. I’m one of those bleeding heart people I guess. I hate ignorance no matter WHAT color it is!!

    • Joe Bo

      Sad but true, people of European ansestry, have been committing atrocities since the time of Christophere Columbus. They are quick to look the other way if caucasion, but condemn all others.s

  • Terrie

    Well let me begin. This woman just looks evil. They don’t report what the baby died of but having to be taken off the machine tells me from a head injury’s! Don’t waste MY dollars on this person! Give her the needle!! Are they any more kids in her home?

    • MikeBarret

      What. You want to put this woman to death because you think she looks evil? Goodness gracious I see why you don’t put your own picture up on here.

    • Cherrie

      Terrie, I would like to see MY TAX dollars bring her to court to stand trial. I for one would like to know what reason she had for killing this child.

      • Terrie

        Dear Mike,
        Not what I said. Can you read?
        Don’t twist it to make yourself seem kind.
        And Dear Sherrie,
        Give them your tax dollars then. It’s a waste. We’ll never really know why she did it. Do YOU really think she’ll admit to it & say what she did to kill this child? Excuses will spill out of her wicked mouth about her childhood, father, mother, husband! Nothing she could say will excuse her & I for one am sick & tired of trials for people that are obviously guilty. Send them to prison and forget about them. But you go ahead & send her some money. She may need cigarettes.

  • Angie

    I think that they need to give all of them the death penalty this step mom also the parents of the11 yr old boy from horn lake and baby annistons Mom from Memphis!


    Evil and hatred have no color. Kindness and goodwill are seen in the rainbow. Sick of the race card too! Bottom line on these killings….they should die the same death in which they caused…

    • Cherrie

      I agree with you Southlvg on the part of children being a gift from God and that hate and evil has no color. If people would learn to let love grow within themselves, then they could love someone else.

  • Elena

    Funny how comments from Ms. Jones and others claiming racism neglect to notice that Aniston, who so many are so heartbroken over, is indeed an african-american child. All of the adults implicated in child abuse, neglect and/or death of a child need to be put away for good. Mental illness or not, we must show there are consistent consequences for actions.

    • Ms.Jones


      Had you actually read my comment, you would have taken note of the fact that I was referring to Andrea Walker, and not the baby. Her mother was everything BUT a child of God. She was a POS, an animal, a jungle monkey that should have been left in a cage….yet, here we are with a lily white, and “oh, she must have a mental issue” *queue the sad face*

      Miss me with your below average thought process.

  • Ferg

    You mean this precious, angelic, symbol of all that is pure and righteous lily-white woman is a cold-blooded, thuggish, ratchet, ghetto, depraved, sociopathic murderer? Well, shiver me timbers!!!

    • MikeBarret

      Thugs come in all sizes, thugs come in all sizes, thugs come in all sizes and theres even white n i * * ers too!

    • Cherrie

      LOL! that is funny. I pictured you in my mind saying those words while I was reading it. That’s exactly how those hollywood people talked in the Southern movies. Knowing full well they were not from the South. It’s hard to imitate that way of speaking. You’ll have to be born and raised in the South to speak Southern. Most have sounded very aweful.

  • Holly

    It appears that the DA’s office has jumped to a conclusion that they have no proof of yet. Per the DA at the press conference, he does not have the autospy rpt yet that would determine whether this was an accident or a homicide. The step mom has been charged without this information. It is agreed that a person should be held accountable for their actions but only if there is proof that a crime has been comitted.

    • melissa

      There is much more evidence than what is being disclosed to the media. They don’t arrest people on CAPITAL MURDER with out sufficient evidence. She isn’t the only one that will be arrested I suspect. Her husband will as well in due time. Due to the extensive abuse that had been going on for longer than what the courts have said. Trust me, in due time she will get hers. That little boy deserves justice. She was in her right mind. She needs to be held accountable for her actions regardless of race.

  • Brenda Bernstein

    If white people do it and then black people do it you can always say “but white people do it” and that will make it more palatable.

    That is what so many commentators say right?

    None of you who want off with her head are Christians. NONE OF YOU.

    Furthermore I have never bashed a black woman who committed any crime. I said the same thing about them.


  • Magilla Gorilla

    Funny that when a white person commits a crime (1 in 20 stories on WREG), they clear out all the black crimes that were on the page and make the white one center stage.

  • J

    Let’s all keep in mind that she has just been charged, not convicted. Innocent until proven guilty. Stop jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst in everyone. Of course the media uses a terrible picture of her to make her look guilty before she’s even gone to court. Have better sense and open your mind. Don’t believe everything you hear. The media is all about “juicy stories.”

  • Brenda Bernstein

    As long as races exist there will be racism. Get over it already and stop saying the same stuff over and over again. You know what they say about people who keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results? But we know people aren’t going to do anything but what? MARCH!!!

  • C Ristucci

    Red and Yellow Black and White Jesus Loves the little children of the world. if you harm a child no matter your race or you have metal problems and should be punished

  • kay

    some people are just evil, I do not feel sorry for this POS, she like others who have made the news this past week by killing innocent kids are wasted space and air, taking up space, treat them as they have treated these little kids who cannot defend themselves. They are lower than a SNAKE.

    • J

      Aren’t we? Doesn’t the bible tell us eye for an eyeand tooth for a tooth? I say let the punishment fit the crime!!

  • Stuckincrazyland

    Everything is about race here.. SMH!!!!!! Babies being killed daily and all you guys can talk about is the race of the person that killed them?? You all need help just as much as the killers

  • J

    Poor woman? What about the real mom, or the brother who had to witness and also deal with the abuse? Why don’t you pray for them? I am just waiting for charges to be brought up on Mike, the dad, for letting it all happen and being a part of it.

  • kiddy

    My GOD, My GOD… what is going on with these people hurting and killing these poor defenseless kids and babies? Are they ALL in the same group or WHAT? Something is WRONG in our world today, I TRUELY believe that the world is coming to an end because it’s way too much evil going on! All of them need the death penalty with no questions asked. Instead of wasting tax payers money, when they KNOW a person is guilty of the crime then just go on and give them whatever sentence they deserve.

  • Nora Drie s

    Why is the father in such a rush to marry and leave a woman in charge of his two year old child? People are too quick to let others into their children lives. You can’t possibly know someone well enough to entrust with what should be your most prized possession. There is nothing wrong with staying single whilst raising young children and keeping a private dating life separate from your home life. Folks are too quick to bring virtual strangers into their homes and trusting them with small children. A real shame.

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