High Winds Destroy Barn In Walnut, MS

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(Walnut, MS) High up in the trees at a home in Tippah County is little Jayden Mathis’ trampoline.

“My dad’s going to get me a new one,” she said.

”We came outside and our vehicles aren't 20 feet away, but we couldn't see them
and after that I came outside and noticed my daughter's trampoline was up in the trees,” J.J. Mathis said.

The high winds tossed it 75 yards.

“It actually went up over our vehicles and in the air to the top of the trees,” he said.

Just down the street, Gary Camburn's barn was ripped apart by straight-line winds.

"We couldn’t hear it fall the wind was blowing so hard,” he said.

He just rebuilt his barn after a tornado destroyed it a couple years ago.

"Same thing then, " he said.

Mow the cleanup begins.

"Seems like this area gets hit a lot," Mathis said.

But everyone is grateful the damage wasn't worse.

The Walnut Fire Chief says despite damage reports, there were no reports of any injuries.


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