Frustrated Drivers Battle DMV Office Lines For Second Day In A Row

(Memphis) Thursday was a new day, but turned up the same old problems at the DMV office in Hickory Ridge Mall.

There were long, unruly lines outside the office that closed early for the second straight day with people waiting for hours.

For those waiting, emotions ranged from boredom, to frustration, to even anger. Sharon Yates, who stood in line for more than four hours said.

“It’s ridiculous that you have to come down here. Some people are sick. Some are disabled.

Yates came to get a problem with her daughter’s license cleared up, and a day after state troopers were called in to keep the peace at the office, she was shocked the line was still so long.

“The line was wrapped all the way around from the door, all the way to the back of the mall and around,” she said.

A special strike team still won’t be here until the end of next week and will only work with the Shelby Drive center. It is supposed to pinpoint problems and find solutions for the long waits.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons said earlier on the matter, “We’ve provided training for our employees.”

However, the solution to one of the biggest parts of the problem is still more than a year away.

DPS Deputy Commissioner Larry Godwin said, “In 15 months, about 15 more months we’ll have the other new software.”

It is a start, but those having to fight the lines say it is still not enough, especially since this is the only reinstatement office in western Tennessee.

“I think they actually need another, another site to go along with this one,” Yates said.

Another woman waiting in line, Takeitha Lockett, added in frustration, “They need more than just this, because they’re moving slow! Look how long the line is!”

Four people were on staff at the office for Thursday.

However, during the time WREG’s crew was there, there were never more than three people working at once.


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