Greg Davis Wants Embezzlement Trial Moved From Desoto County

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(Hernando, MS) - Former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis walked into court in Hernando hoping he could walk away from having a trial here.

His lawyer said trying Davis in Desoto County for embezzlement would be  unfair, especially since Davis has already been all over the media for everything from a nasty divorce, to state charges that he misused public funds and even to his announcement that he is gay.

"This is a different animal. We have all the elements involved in this case that creates a hunger by the public to know every tidbit that is going on," said Davis' attorney Steve Farese.

In court, Davis never spoke, but his attorney said any potential juror would likely have opinions on the former mayor.
Farese wanted to move the trial before jury selection begins Monday, when Davis will be on trial for 3 counts of embezzlement, including getting thousands of dollars in mileage reimbursement from the city at the same time he was using a city-owned vehicle.
A woman who has lives in Desoto County and knows Greg Davis said he is the talk of the town, so jurors shouldn't come from Desoto County.

"Oh no. I think that would be like feeding him to a tank full of sharks," said the female witness.

District Attorney John Champion said  Davis often puts himself in the limelight.

"A lot of this publicity was generated by Mr. Davis. He has done interviews and he has invited reporters into his office," said Champion.

In the end the judge said they should at least begin  questioning people to see if they can find an impartial jury.
If not, then move the case.

"There is nothing unique with having to deal with jurors who may know something about a case," said the judge.

So for now everything stays in Desoto County.
Jury selection begins Monday morning at 9;00 a.m. at Desoto County Circuit Court in Hernando.


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