Ambulance On Top Of Another Vehicle Shuts Down I-240

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(Memphis) An ambulance on top of another vehicle shut down I-240 at Perkins Thursday evening.

Nate Frazier was driving along in his car when he saw an SUV hit another car. The SUV somehow wound up airborne and flew over the concrete barrier where it hit an ambulance sending it on top of another car.

Frazier and other drivers came to a stop on 240 and rushed to try to get the drivers out of all the cars.

"He was trapped in, his legs were pinned under. Me and another guy a guy from UPS, we got in broke the windows and got him out of vehicle...He said he was OK, just get him out of the vehicle, 'help me out, help me out.'", said Frazier.

Another ambulance was behind the one that got hit, so those paramedics were able to help immediately.

There were no patients in the wrecked ambulance, which belongs to Rural Metro.

Five ambulances were called to the scene, and four people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Their conditions have since been upgraded to non-critical.


      • Dorothy Arquitt

        Very cue Kim. Show common sense when you post,do you not realize how many people see your lack of education.

    • Jana

      Since when did rap music cause more of a distraction than any other kind. I know I am not the only person that has seen someone dancing and singing in their car to pop, hard rock, country or any other type with it being played loudly. Music is music no matter how it is being played. If the person is enjoying it and become a distraction, it’s because of the person not paying attention not the music.

  • Hauli

    People are so ignorant. Distraction doesn’t have to be involved. You weren’t there inside of that vehicle with them!!! Just be thankful to Our GREAT GOD that everyone is ok.

    • Magilla Gorilla

      yes, that GREAT GOD who allows children to be brutally murdered on a daily basis and aborted.

      YAY GOD!!

      • Jana

        Yea that same God that allowed you to write these comments, breathe this morning and go about your day. That God is amazing to all even those undeserving.

      • Jana

        There may have been distractions, but it could have also been someone that just left work, trying to make it home and fell asleep behind the wheel. It could have been someone that had a medical disorder and became sick while driving. It could have been a number of things not just a distraction from a phone.

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