Woman Charged With DUI In Whitehaven Crash

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is now facing criminal charges following a crash that injured 11 people in Whitehaven Tuesday evening.

Kenosha Williams, 26, was booked early Wednesday on a long list of charges including reckless driving, DUI, violation of the seat belt law, violation of child restraint law and vehicular assault.

At this time, a bond has not been set.

Police said Williams admitted she took the painkiller Percocet before she got behind the wheel.

According to court records, Williams was driving a Chevy Tahoe, and when she merged into a turning lane, she side-swept a truck in the oncoming lane on Shelby Drive near Tulane Tuesday evening.

The SUV rolled over several times, ejected several children from the vehicle, and crashed into 74-year-old Velma Franklin's home

"I like to sit outside, but I wasn't that day," said Franklin. "I was in the back of my home when I heard it coming across and hit the house. It was loud! It was a racket. That's all I can say. God was with me."

Eight children were taken to Le Bonheur. A spokesperson said doctors treated children ages 8 months to 11 years old.

As of Wednesday afternoon, she said four children were released, but an 8-month-old and a 5-year-old boy are still in serious condition, and a 6-year-old girl and a 8-year-old girl are in critical condition.

In all, a team of about 50 Le Bonheur staff responded to the call and worked to treat the kids.

Three adults who were in William's car were also taken to The MED.

A man at the scene said he and others tried to move the SUV over from its side, so they could get people from under it.

"Anytime there is a major accident like this, there are a lot of experts," Sara Burnett, public relations coordinator for Le Bonheur said. "That's the great thing about having Le Bonheur. Our experts are here, and it's a packed emergency department in there.  There is everyone from trauma, surgeons, anesthesia, chaplains, child life, nurses and doctors. Everyone is there to take care of the kids."

"Anytime there is an incident like this is pretty scary, but they are in there taking care of them the best they can," she added.

Williams is expected in court Thursday morning at 9:30.


  • Donisanidiot!

    What exactly is a “ghetto lotto”? Some people in this world clearly drew the short string when allotted chromosomes. GROW UP! Lord have mercy on the souls of everyone involved.

    • common Sense

      12 people in an SUV, 8 of them children, driven by a woman high on alcohol and percocet, with no drivers license.

    • The Real HatesElvis

      Whites doing what y’all do best stealing a black man’s name trying to use it as your own and sabotage my thoughts…

    • HatesElvis

      The fact the woman driver has several children by several different men is not relevant. I know her and she is a nice lady. Do you know how hard it is to be a single parent? They want to cut her EBT benefits too.
      Stop with all the hate.

  • ej

    I want to know what SUV holds 12 people. and having that many kids by that many different daddies its called birth control not EBT.

      • joe

        I am looking at myself…I don’t own a huge SUV, I don’t have 8 kids by 8 daddies, and I’m not on gubmint assistance.

      • Justaboutright

        What’s to judge? She was wasted,,stupid,,and had way too many people in that suv,,and most of them were children..case closed.

  • jeanina o

    This is sad but where do you get from this story that she was drinking beer? If it because she is charged with DUI that means driving under the influence and that can be any drug not just alcohol.

  • Cynthia

    Well, the worst that Memphis and the “burbs” have had their therapy session and been able to vent their useless hostility, hate and feigned superiority. NOW, that spewing of vitriol is really what another day on Memphis is STILL all about!! You’d think by now we would know and do better; all of us!! Hope all involved recovers fully.

  • Blessed

    People please stop it! The accident that occurred on yesterday was a very, very serious situation and no laughing matter. The stupid comments and criticism only show that you don’t know God and don’t value human life.
    Know when to pray for others. Having multiple baby daddies, EBT, Whitehaven, Lil Detroit, Ghetto Lotto, Leslie Ballin, birth control etc., has nothing to do with the lives that were impacted on yesterday.
    You show your ignorance when you make embarrassing comments as listed above.
    Please get to know God on a one on one basis and you will then be able to make some intelligent comments.

  • lovelyme

    I don’t understand why people are they say they are true it’s a sad situation not only am I concerned about the kids but also the adults. Many people go threw things in life but I must say for the ones calling her ghetto and all the other stupid things yall allow to come out your mouths if you knew her you wouldn’t say those things because she doesn’t have 8 children she have 5 which one wasn’t in the car and all of her kids have the same father……all of that doesn’t matter what really matter is everyone is alive pray instead of judging people….

      • lovelyme

        Silly group of humans instead of judging people they need to help one other this world would be a better place……

  • Macey B

    The fact of the matter is EBT, Ghetto lotto, and how many baby daddies has nothing to do with this situation. The point is there was a wreck and several people including small children were injured. No she should not have been driving under the influence and 11 people should not have been in the SUV but no one can change that at this point. And yes the children should have been in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt but its over. All this racial stereotypes is ridiculous. Look at what actually happened, not your personal thoughts of the situation and pray for the ones injured and affected.

    • Terrie


    • Cherrie

      For this day and time it’s rare to have that many children, or at least people make a big issue out of it. I see nothing wrong with women wanting to have children. Of course, there is such a thing as being responsible. No, the young generation of some mothers these days seems to lack the responsibility to care for their young children. I come from a family of more than 10 children and my parents took very care of all of us. They even instill work values in us by growing our very own garden every year and not only did my family have plenty to eat, others in the neighborhood was welcomed to get whatever they wanted from the garden. Long as they did not walk all over the plants. In those days, just during the 70’s and 80’s in my home, you worked. It wasn’t no sitting up in the house all Summer and not doing anything. My parents were great providers.

  • get a life

    @joe…you may not have all that foolery of what you speak of….but sadly you could possibly be someone’s father…now that’s some scary stuff!! And next time, use your spell check…geez…have some class about yourself!!

  • John Mosby

    Wow, So many minorities making headlines by breaking the law! Less problems 50 years ago, even more so 100 years ago. And some say we are making progress?

    • Cherrie

      That’s what happens when there is a generation gap in disciplining and having respect for yourself. I see this every day in my work. It’s not just one ethnic group, it’s all of them. I know it’s easy to call out a certain group because it’s what you can see in the immediately area. However, please do not be uneducated about the amount of crime that is being by other groups. The figures would spin your head. Get the entire picture before making claims.

    • get a life

      Yea you’re right…50 to 100 years ago we sure didn’t have problems with school massacres, theatre shootings, and mass killings…I mean..since you’re apparently into generalizing…This unfortunate event has nothing to do with race…God have mercy on us all…especially those with a brain the size of a grain of salt.

  • Danielle S.

    The state needs to give her a school bus also at least for the kids won’t be piled on top of one another. They’ll have their own seats and everyone can be strapped on safely…….

  • Joe Censored

    Laughable how blacks get on here and make excuses for this drugged up drunk and her reckless, careless actions. There is a reason Memphis is the sewer that it is. Always making excuses instead of having someone take personal responsibility. Typical…

    Hope those little one recover from this mongrel’s careless actions.

    Keep on “keepin it real”!!!

    Memphis Representing.

  • Joe Censored

    Laughable how blacks get on here and make excuses for this drugged up drunk and her reckless, careless actions. There is a reason Memphis is the sewer that it is. Always making excuses instead of having someone take personal responsibility. Typical…

    Hope those little one recover from this mongrel’s careless actions.

    Keep on “keepin it real”

    Memphis Representing.

  • mr.matt

    she was just a little stressed out in a hurry because she hadn’t got her kush bag yet come on white folks do it too

  • mr.matt

    she was just a little stressed out in a hurry because she hadn’t got her kiesha bag yet, white people do it too

  • Huge Peter

    That car was like a clown car at the circus. Lot of little Jigga Boo Clowns being tossed out the car driven by a big dummy clown.

  • Huge Peter

    Her legs must have sated open like the Waffle House. 8 kids. No wonder why she was druggin and drinking her some quarts. I would be too

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