Horrific Details Released In Death Of Girl With Special Needs

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(Millington, TN) Two people are charged with first degree murder in the death of a girl with special needs.

Both are also charged with Aggravated Child Neglect.

Chasara Jones and Errol Johnson are charged in the death of Andrea Ruth.

Ruth died of infected bedsores and gangrene.

She suffered from asthma, hypertension and obesity.

Ruth was scheduled to have her legs amputated in May of 2011 because of the gangrene, but the family missed that and apparently all subsequent medical appointments.

According to prosecutors, "At the time of the child’s death on Nov. 24, 2012, at the family home in the 7000 block of Arapaho, paramedics reported that the girl’s sores were so advanced that bones in her toes were visible."

Jones is a a certified nursing assistant who reportedly told investigators she was, "aware of the child’s condition, but she did not notify her agency, law enforcement or the Department of Children’s Services of the problems she saw. "

Errol Johnson was Ruth's father.

A third defendant, facing the same charges, has been arrested in Louisiana, but cannot be identified until returned to Shelby County.

Prosecutors say Ruth was 12 years old when she died in November, 2012.

Ruth is described as, "a vulnerable child suffering from a mental disability."

The arrest warrant said the two neglected the girl, "resulting in serious bodily injury."


  • Cherrie

    One would think that the couple in Horn Lake MS would have learned from this couple. It’s such a shame most do not learn from others errors. Just as for the young child in MS and now this one, I will keep all the families in my prayers.

  • Connie

    I have a question…..if this lady was a “home healthcare worker”…exactly who was paying her? I am sure this man got a nice check for at least keeping the child alive. How much did this lady get? So sorry but I think these two people are camel dung!! (And that is nice). CHILDREN ARE A GIFT FROM GOD AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH !!! It doesn’t matter what color your are….love see through everything!
    If you don’t want your child…bring it to me!! Love always wins.

    • janie allen

      that is a good question …i’m wondering why were they allowed a cna..if a cna is working at a home i believe the state would pay for that..so how were they able to get a cna? And if they got a check because the child was disabled ..their money would not be for a cna.

  • Terrie

    “The arrest warrant said the two neglected the girl, “resulting in serious bodily injury.” NOOOO ! It resulted in DEATH!!!
    These inbreeds should get the needle!

  • Kathy

    These people no longer live in the house that was shown on your news report. The car your camera person showed on the report doesn’t belong to the people that are being charged with murder. How irresponsible of WREG to show innocent people’s home and personal property in a news report. The murderers haven’t lived there for some time. You reports need to do your homework and stop chasing police, fire and ambulances to get a story. Journalism is pathetic.

    • janie allen

      seems the journalist are lacking far more than that…did they investigate whether or not the cna made a report of the childs legs, and if she was to have her legs amputated in 2011 ..why wasn’t something done then before the gangrene could spread more, was there other nurses coming to tend to this child…(the cna does not administer meds..so where are the nurses that had to come a give this child meds…why are they not on here also…something smells fishy as far as whats the real deal here. Seems this chasara jones is being used as a scape goat..was it reported how many hours this cna was at this home? one hour, 2 hours, and what was her duties? Does this cna have children of her own…reason being ..if she saw the horrible conditions of this child legs i’m sure she would not want it to be reported if that was what was happening with her children…something is not being told and before its all said and done..i’m sure more will be included with this story.

  • janie allen

    it would be good to get all the information as to what really went on in the death of this child. While trying to build ratings by sensationalizing, if not mistaken the young girls legs were so bad that they were to be amputated. My question why so long to have the limbs removed once determined that gangrene had set in..it states the mother or father wouldn’t take the young girl in..why wasn’t there a court order to have the child brought in ..knowing that this would save the child life? True the health care worker should have atleast informed her immediate boss of the condition of this child and leave it in their hands as to the outcome of the situation regarding this child. The age of the child was 12yrs old and a very obese young girl ..seems the neglect started with improper care from the mother…and if a child care was provided ..what was the nature of that..was the mother unable to tend to this child if so why wasn’t the child removed and placed in child care…people you can’t expect a cna to come in and access someones physical condition if they are hiding her illness from you. Seems this child was very large and they kept her fed,,,kept her clothed and left her..i’m assuming the sores started manifesting when she sat or laid in her bed…from urinating on herself and that burned and ate up the legs..heat added to that causing flies and bloating of the legs. Shame the girl didn’t want anyone to see her legs but her mother…again this rests on her mother ..now why was she given a cna? Why up and leave of Louisiana right after the death of the child… Either way its sad..yet lets not condemn until all the facts are in. Sad this child was mistreated and lost her life..that is very unfortunate..but lets not jump to conclusions and give yet another loss of life (death or life sentence) and all the facts are not in…

  • Kim graves

    Child abuse and murder have no specific ethic persuasion go do some research a good place is “unforgotten angels”

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