3-Year-Old Boy Shot, Possibly By Stray Bullet

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(Memphis) A 3-year-old is recovering from a gunshot to the stomach at Le Bonheur Hospital, and there is conflicting information about where the bullet came from.

WREG was told by a spokesperson it was a stray bullet, but on scene it appeared the bullet may have been fired from a gun from inside the apartment.

Major Dennis McNeil said, "Obviously there was a weapon inside the house. Obviously somebody had possession of the weapon in order for it to be discharged. So, that's a lot of responsibility that goes along with that."

Guns and shootings are not strange occurrences in the Peppertree.

Over the years, the fence that surrounds it and the security guard stationed on the property have not been able to keep major crime out.

The complex has even been cited as a nuisance, but remains open even after repeated incidents.

"People just trying to survive out here. We just trying to live. We need better jobs, better help. AC Wharton help us," said Charles Johnson, Whitehaven.

In the past, police have admitted Peppertree is one of its biggest challenges in Whitehaven.

They were challenged once again Wednesday as they worked to find out how a 3-year-old boy ended up with a bullet in his belly.

Memphis police has not been able to recover the gun that was used to shoot the child.


  • Bytemeagain

    The Peppertree Apartments have been one big crime scene for years! I listen to my police scanner every day, and there are multiple calls to this apartment complex practically every day.
    If this place is going to continue to be in existence, they should take over one of those buildings and put a police sub-station there.

  • B59

    BE RESPONSIBLE and LOCK your guns up people. That is all you have to do– EMPTY them NUMBER ONE, put them up and out of reach and better yet — LOCK THEM UP so small babes do not get a hold of them. I pray this child to be ok.

      • xander

        you know I did read the whole article, and while the allege it was a stray bullet the police state that it likely came from inside the appt. the thing about stray bullets, they leave holes in the wall when they pass through, and are not likely to pass through a wall, window maybe. but there is not enough information in the story to say one way or the other, but just to be clear, it did point out that the fact that it came from outside was in question.

        I tend to agree with the one commenter above, in this complex, and others that are “at risk” set up a small police substation within the complex. I know that this kind of suggestion would of course get shot down over budget, but at some point you have to decide what is more important, budget or human life.

  • carmenb

    What is going on with black mothers!” No wonder black men are marrying other races. Praying for the poor baby.

    • TWEETY


    • get a life

      I’m not into generalizing..but clearly you are.So I have two words for you..CASEY ANTHONY…and many other white mothers who have had their fair share of face time on Nancy Grace…this not about race..it about a baby who has had something tragic happen to him…Please God over this baby!

    • Iragant

      What’s going on with these racist working this site like a 9 to 5. Got to get public assistance themselves bc they couldn’t possibly hold down a job and focus on hating black ppl with great intensity. If you work your job responsibility is staying on-line hating as hard as you can. It don’t make me mad I’m laughing at you!

  • nikki kendall

    I think everyone is getting way off task here..race has nothing to do with this nor the neighborhood.. More parents are loosing focus on their children..instead of debating about Asians Black’s Whites or other races let’s focus on deadbeat parents and innocent kids that’s suffering because of adults lack of parenting and ignorance.. My prayers goes to the child and family

  • Cynthia

    Memphis is no more ruined than most other cities of its size!! Bad things are happening all over this Country and the world. It is especially sad when it happens to an innocent child. I truly hope that this shooting was not intentional and it saddens me that another innocent has been victimized by neglect or other!! Hopefully this baby will fully recover.

  • Ms.Jones

    …..and many wonder why Memphis just can’t seem to get it right…..so many jaded, prejudiced, and just plain ignorant persons on both ends of the spectrum.

  • Mem Pride

    Brenda I assume to meant to say ” people who don’t see how ruin Memphis is , They are part of the problem.” I can’t agree with you on that. A lot of people see the good things in the city and the things that the city has to offer compared to other cities. But when you make a comment like “When do black people stop thinking it is ok to do something because white folks do it too? then you make be right cause a statement like that shows where train of thoughts are.

  • Skeptic

    All these dumb comments just prove how many un-educated people exist here. Racism will never die as long as these dolts are alive. Memphis has black leadership in all departments of the city yet there is the complainers about the whites in the city. Memphis=Detroit….same-o same-o.

  • Sam

    I wish WREG would delete racial comments then block those users…
    I hope this baby is ok. As a mother this is a nightmare come true. I can’t imagine the fear for this child that all of his/her family must feel.

  • Joe Censored

    Notice how some of “those” people jumping on here making excuses for the reckless actions that got this kid shot? Now ask what is wrong with Memphis… end of story.

    Memphis Representing!!!

  • LaDarious

    The incident happened inside of the unit and the child picked the gun up and it discharged if the parent would have been watching the child it would have never happened.the peppertree apartments has got better since they have had security say the good things and not bad things that is what’s wrong with society today as people.people bring things on themselves.have a good day and we will keep prospering at the peppertree apartments.

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