Does It Work: Chop Magic

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(WREG-TV) Any product that can save you time in the kitchen is worth a look.

Chop Magic claims it can slice and dice your fruits and vegetables in seconds, so we put it to the chopping block in this week's Does It Work.

Finding ways to save time in a restaurant kitchen is a daily task. Just ask Tim Gaines, owner of Lost Pizza in Southaven.

His chef preps fresh toppings for their pizzas all morning.

"Everything we do is fresh. Our toppings are fresh. We chop everything every morning," Gaines said. "We get in here at 8:30 a.m. and are literally working until we open at 11 a.m."

When we told Gaines Chop Magic could cut down on his prep time - its makers claim it can go through an uncooked sweet potato or chop an onion in one second - we knew we'd have to time it.

We peeled the onion, as well as the other veggies and fruit, like the instructions recommended.

Then, we chopped.

"It totally worked."

And actually, Chop Magic beat its own claim! We chopped the onion in less than a second.

Gaines had to apply stronger pressure for the sweet potato, but it eventually sliced right up, as did a tomato, apple, and block of cheese.

"The onion actually worked really well. I was surprised about that one...For home use it would be great, so yeah I would give it a pass."

You can purchase Chop Magic for about $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond or on


  • patti

    I think Corie should have tried the chopper- let’s see if your ‘typical’ woman is strong enough to chop….. seems as if the fella who tried it was a very strong man….and the product passed.

  • JoAnn Jaseph

    I tried the ChopMagic and did not like it all.. Oh yes it chopped the eggs alright..but is a mess to clean up without a brush as for chopping the onion. forget that. by the time I had it chopped it was practically juice. sending it back.

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