Commission Votes On Rezoning School Board Districts

(Memphis) We are one step closer to having new districts for Shelby County school board members.

Since the suburbs decided to start their own school districts, the redistricting was needed.

The county commission’s education committee voted on a new plan Wednesday.

The vote was tied, meaning it’ll be up to the full county commission to decide.

The final map voted through was 9A. If passed by the full commission, it means the school board districts in Shelby County are going to get smaller.

“We decided to go with a nine-district plan over a seven-district plan,” said Steve Mulroy, a county commissioner. “I personally think that a nine-district plan is better because each district can be more neighborhood-based and more responsive to the constituents.”

Wednesday’s decision by the commission’s education committee also came with a lot of talk about race.

The commissioners wanted to make sure the majority of districts had more blacks than whites, since Memphis has more African Americans.

The redistricting zones as they stand now have six majority black districts and three majority white.

“There are questions about representation and civil rights and fair representation of the community,” said Mulroy.

The plan also leaves out three Germantown schools because the committee decided the zones should be based on where people live and not where they go to school.

The majority of students who go to Germantown Elementary, Middle and High schools live in unincorporated Shelby.

The redistricting map 9A was approved with a tie vote, so it comes with a negative recommendation to the full commission, meaning more changes might be made.

The redistricting plan will be voted on by the full commission on Monday at 1:30 pm.

Click to see the rezoning plans for SCS high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.


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