Bold Burglars Have Some Clarksdale Residents On HIgh Alert

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(Clarksdale, MS) Folks in Clarksdale, Miss., are worried and scared at how bold  burglars have become in the Coahoma County city.

Thieves are stealing whatever they can get their hands on and they're breaking in no matter what time of day, often while homeowners are earning a living.

Ronald Winters works for a tree trimming company in Clarksdale.

He keeps his fingers crossed that while he's earning a living, someone's not ripping him off...again!

"They broke into my house three different times so far. I've been there three and a half years and I been broke into three different times," said Winters.

Winters said on School Street, where he lives, burglars are getting more brazen and are busting in during broad daylight.

"My door's tore up right now, from kicking it in," said Winters.

He said thieves took almost everything of value from him the last time they broke in.

And on their last visit they left a lot of damage behind.

"They kicked my air conditioner, my brand new air conditioner I just brought and paid five hundred dollars for, they kicked it out in the floor. I walk in, it's laying on its side runnin', about to catch the house on fire," said Winters.

But he's surprised to learn that in a recent burglary, crooks even stole someone's  appliances.

"You back a truck up there and take a washing machine or something like that, during the day, you're a brave man," said Ronald Winters.

He makes a point to look for anyone suspicious.

"We ain't got a Neighborhood Watch program in this area, but we do watch out for each other," he said.

Two blocks over on Spruce Street, break ins are a big problem as well, day and night.

"People comin' in on ya while you're in your bed. And with us having children, it's kind of unsafe," said Joey Hunter.

Hunter would like to see more police patrolling the neighborhood, but doesn't mince words about what he'll do to protect his home and family.

"I'm not playing. I want you to come in here while we sleep. I don't go to bed anyway. If you come in here, you won't walk gonna ride out," said Joey Hunter.

If you have information that can help Clarksdale Police solve property crimes in city, you're encouraged to call Clarksdale Police at 662-621-8151 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

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