Insurance Company Tells Armless Girl “Arms Aren’t Medically Necessary”

(Tunica, MS) Madysen Acey has learned to do things without arms that most of us ever could.

”She can do a lot of things by herself without me. Of course, if I’m around she would much rather me do it for her,” said Madysen’s mom, Bethanne.

Madysen lost her arms in a farm accident almost four years ago.

The entire town of Tunica rallied behind her as she underwent lots of doctors visits, lots of therapy, and lots of healing.

When she went to Dallas to see about new prosthetic arms, she filed an insurance claim.

The response from United Health came as a shock.

”It said, ‘You requested man-made arms, your claim is denied’ Boom just that, just that.”

Actually it said, “you requested man-made arms, yours were amputated, your claim is denied.”

As if amputation was an option – doctors did it to save Madysen’s life.

And that’s not the biggest insult.

“We were actually told by an attorney representing the company in the lawsuit with Madysen that it wasn’t medically necessary for her to need arms, so I’ve heard worse.”

Bethanne Acey wants to know what 14-year-old doesn’t need arms?

She’s appalled at the insurance company and says she’s going to fight their decision until Madysen has new arms.

”I mean, we would like our God-made arms back, but since that’s not an option, we thought man-made was the next step.”

Because she just wants her daughter to grow up as normal as possible.


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