Suspect Pleads Guilty To Killing 16-Year-Old On Christmas Of 2011

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(Marshall County, MS) A man admitted to killing a Memphis teenager on Christmas Day in Marshall County, Miss.

In a plea deal, Corey Albright got 20 years for firing an AK-47 at a car and killing 16-year-old Sheffield High student Derica Patterson in Holly Springs on Christmas Day 2011.

Police said the shooting was gang related.

Albright was originally charged with first-degree murder, but he was able to plead guilt to manslaughter after the key eyewitness died.

"He will be able to get out. She will never be able to return," said Lavern Eggerson, Patterson's grandmother.

Eggerson said Patterson would be in her first year of college studying to be a criminal investigators, but that chance was taken away.

"It has still been hard with what we have been going through," said Eggerson.

Today as part of the plea deal, Albright pleaded guilty to manslaughter and drive-by shooting. He could walk free in ten years.

"I was very upset about it," said Eggerson.

Investigators said Rico Fleming played a part in the murder, but in court, Albright told investigators Fleming didn't do it. Police said Fleming's charges were dismissed today.

"My life will never be the same, because I don't have a daughter, I have sons. When I got my granddaughter, I was very proud of her, and now she has been taken away for senseless killing," said Eggerson.


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