Some Parents Causing A Disruption At SCS Schools

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(Memphis) Shelby County Schools administrators should be working on a way to improve your child's education, but unfortunately they have to spend too much time dealing with unruly parents.

For at least the second time in a week, police arrested a parent accused of going too far at their child's school.

Toya Maxwell is charged with two counts of assault.

Memphis Police say she went to her daughter’s school, Wooddale Middle, and became irate with the school’s assistant principal refusing to leave the school.

According to the police affidavit that parent told the assistant principal she was, “Going to do something to her ***.”

The assistant principal says Maxwell then charged her in a very threatening manner.

Wooddale’s principal says that mother was calmed down and quickly taken out of the building and arrested.

She now faces the possibility of being banned from the building.

“We receive extensive training from the district on how to handle any crisis situation,” said Principal Robert Gordon.

Gordon says coming to administrators calmly with an issue will get a parent a lot further.

“As a school we work with our parents to make sure all students are safe and secure,” said Gordon.

In this incident the angry a parent didn’t get past the office.

Just a week ago Marva Sanders and grandmother Pamela Jones were arrested, accused of rushing into Hawkins Mill Elementary and confronting their daughter’s elementary school bully, cursing him out and even thumping him on the forehead.

Wooddale parent Marquetta Stone says parents need to realize they’re children are looking to them about how to act and solve problems.

“She’ll feel that she can be able to do the exact same thing. She’ll do the exact same thing,” said Stone.

According to the Shelby County School district’s policy when a parent refuses to leave the building or attack an employee the police get involved.


  • Joe Censored

    Shouldn’t this story be titled “Some black parents” since that who the problem is with? It is kind of insulting to broad brush all due to the actions of a specific group.

    Ratchet Memphians Representing!!!

  • Wake Up

    I hear the above comments but I feel for the parents of the bullied child. It is a powerless feeling when the school does nothing

    • Don

      Toya Maxwell, and the others should call the SCS superintendent and set up an appointment to file a complaint. Be calm and tell your reason for being there. Then if you are not satisfied you can start throwing chairs and other things, but stay calm.

  • angela braddox

    no she was probably right to act way any other time i would probably disagree but after having a simple problem too with my childerns school i know how she feels she probably couldnt even find anyone to help and when you talk to anyone they have attitudes and they all jus pass the buck AND there is NO ONE to jus simply call sir Superintendent WHAT! !!!!! believe me if you havent had to deal with the present school system you would not believe the nightmare it is do not judge her until you know why she acted like that i guareentee she probably had a good reason!!!!!!!!!!

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