Probation Field Officer Responds

(Hernando, MS) Attorney Stan Little says our report last night shocked him, and his client, former probation field worker Marty Walsh.

Little says the FBI was never involved and Walsh never withheld positive drug test results on probationees, in exchange for sex.

”Mr. Walsh has never been arrested, never been held or detained. He’s never been contacted by the FBI and frankly we don’t expect that to happen.”

In fact, Little says there were accusations made against Walsh and that he resigned a day after learning of them.

He believes the problem came from a probationee who propositioned Walsh, and got mad when Walsh refused and sent the woman to prison.

”There are people out there, women that maybe would be making a play here to exact some retribution on Marty.”

Little says Wash has had a long, and unblemished law enforcement career with the DeSoto Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Sources at the Sheriff’s department confirmed his employment there, and said there were no complaints against him.

”In fact, until the story ran on the news last night, I thought there would never be any more to come of this, Mr. Walsh would go along with his life, get a new position wherever he may determine to go.”

Little hopes that’s still possible for Mr. Walsh.


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