Mega Inconvenience For Megabus Passengers

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(Memphis) About forty Megabus passengers bound for Chicago Monday night ended up being stranded in downtown Memphis for hours after their bus experienced problems on the road.

Passengers say they had to wait in the cold at the Central MATA station overnight while they waited for a replacement bus to arrive.

We were told someone representing Megabus told them that they could go to a hotel about a mile and a half away downtown, but they would have to walk there and would have to pay for the hotel.

"They told us we had to pay $99 for a hotel room and then call Megabus to get reimbursed. Which is like how do they know we have $99?" said Jaquelyn Bernard.

To make matters worse, a woman trying to get back to Illinois was robbed by man she thought was a fellow passenger.

"As we got him over by a hotel  he stole my purse. So now, no purse and freezing and still waiting for the bus," said Ellen Bucci.

Passengers say they got back to the Memphis terminal at around 8:30pm.

The replacement bus didn't arrive until around 4:30 in the morning.

A company representative says Megabus allows passengers to wait on the bus while they wait for a new one to arrive and they aren't sure why that didn't happen last night.

The company say it also pays for passengers hotel rooms if they have to stay overnight.

Megabus says it is giving all of the passengers a refund and an apology.

Megabus passengers could not stay inside the MATA bus terminal because it was closed for the night.


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