Bond Denied For Man Charged With Murdering Fiancée

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(Jackson, TN) Tuesday morning during a video arraignment, Jackson City Court Judge Blake Anderson denied bond for Charles Pittman.

Pittman is the man charged with murdering Olivia Greenlee, a senior at Union University in Jackson.

Police say he shot Greenlee and attempted to stage her death as a suicide.

Pittman then called University security and told them he was afraid Greenlee, his fiancée, was going to hurt herself.

Jackson Police arrested Pittman after several inconsistencies in his story.

People are upset over the murder of a young woman who was looking forward to graduating and getting married.

"I would say now the anger is starting to set in. People want to know why? What would make someone do this?" said Sharon Kossick.

Kossick graduated from Union University and knew Olivia Greenlee.

Tuesday morning, Kossick, made sure she was in Jackson City Court to watch Charles Pittman's video arraignment.

Pittman was Greenlee's fiancée and had dinner with her the last time she was seen alive.

"Mr. Pittman is charged with first degree murder and tampering with evidence," said Judge Blake Anderson.

The 21-year old Pittman showed no emotion as Judge Anderson read the police affidavit of complaint.

Olivia Greenlee's body was found the morning of February 12th  in her car on the parking lot of Luther Hall at Union University.

Police said Pittman and Greenlee had dinner the night before and that Pittman was involved in the shooting, which occurred sometime after 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 11th.

Police didn't release a motive for the shooting and don't know if the two had argued.

Police said Charles Pittman stole the 9mm pistol that killed Greenlee and then staged her death to look like a suicide.

Captain Tyreece Miller, with Jackson's Criminal Investigation Division, said Pittman's story about what happened just didn't add up.

"There were things that we thought you would find with a suicide and they weren't there. And there was evidence that led us to believe that someone else was in the car with her," said Capt. Tyreece Miller.

Capt. Miller says Pittman left Greenlee in her car in the Luther Hall parking lot, locked the doors, went back to his apartment north of the campus and starting calling the woman's phone to "cover his tracks."

Police say Pittman even told University security he was concerned about Greenlee's emotional state and wanted them to look for her.

police also said Charles Pittman attempted to mislead investigators by tampering with the clothing he had worn the night he and Greenlee went to dinner.

Olivia Greenlee's death has been tragedy for students at the faith-based Union University.

"It was just shocking more than anything. It was devastating. And I don't think there's any other word to express that, except the word devastating," said Hillary Henderson, a university junior.

Sophomore Jesse Dahms said the murder has caused every student to lean more heavily on the scriptures.

"The Psalms they say that the Lord is our shepherd and we look to the Lord for our strength." said Jesse Dahms.

Judge Blake Anderson appointed a Public Defender to represent Charles Pittman.

Pittman is scheduled to be back in court February 27th for a probable cause hearing.


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