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Ambulance Shortage After Shelby Drive Crash

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(Memphis) Nearly a dozen ambulances were in one spot, ready to rush all those injured in a rollover crash to the hospital.

But having so many ambulances at the crash site meant there weren't enough everywhere else.

Memphis fire sent out an alert saying there were simply no ambulances available in the time after this big crash, so if something happened to you, you had to wait.

It's not the first time it's happened in Memphis.

We've seen the city run out of ambulances more and more during bad weather or a really big incident.

We asked Memphis fire why this happens and what could be done to prevent it.

They said they were focused on tonight's crash right now, but obviously the system was taxed because they had so many people hurt out here.

In the past, Fire Director Alvin Benson has said even though there's not an actual ambulance, there’s usually a paramedic who can help until one gets there.

He says response time is on par with the national average and people can help to better handle emergencies like this by only calling for help when you really need it.


  • John

    This is nothing new. The city runs out of ambulances constantly. The public never knows when the city is out of ambulances. One part time ambulance was taken out of service.

  • Wake Up

    Don’t have a heart attack, your amberlance is probably transporting a headache case from south Memphis to the white folks hospital.

  • whoyoukiddin

    Quit calling for an ambulance for a hang nail. Take yourself to the hospital unless it is really an emergency (if you know what one is)otherwise drive yourself. The fire department needs to get its act together. Get rid of all the overhead that is taxing the city in payroll and put the real firemen back to work. The city is the cause for all of the problems for promoting people to positions that never existed until they got in office. Then they fire the good employees and keep the idiots on the job.

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