Police: Man Used Fake Badge To Pull Driver Over

(Memphis) A Memphis man is facing charges of criminal impersonation for using a some sort of badge to pull over a car in his neighborhood.

Karl Kieffer is also charged with false imprisonment for using his truck to block in the driver’s car.

It happened along Walnut Grove in East Memphis.

A young couple told police they were looking for a friend’s house and stopped in front of a house in the 200 Block of Gardenia.

They say that’s when Kieffer first approached their vehicle.

They say Kieffer followed them all the way to Walnut Grove and used what looked like a police badge to pull them over and then pulled his truck in front of their car, blocking a lane of traffic.

Kieffer was arrested back in September after police say he punched a driver who cut him off at Summer and Berclair.

The other driver told police that Kieffer had a badge and gun strapped to his waist.

People who live on Kieffer’s street say they often see him wearing the badge and gun.


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