Noose Draped Over Ole Miss Statue Of James Meredith

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(Oxford, MS) Two men are wanted for draping a noose and an old Georgia state flag over a statue of James Meredith that is located on the Ole Miss campus.

The two were spotted near the statue early Sunday, and were also heard shouting racial slurs.

Chancellor Dan Jones said, "These individuals chose our university's most visible symbol of unity and educational accessibility to express their disagreement with our values. Their ideas have no place here, and our response will be an even greater commitment to promoting the values that are engraved on the statue - Courage, Knowledge, Opportunity, and Perseverance."

The Ole Miss Alumni Association is offering $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of the men, one of whom may have been wearing camouflage pants.

Assistant to the Chancellor for Multicultural Affairs, Don Cole, said, "This is particularly painful because the James Meredith statue has become a gathering place for students to discuss many things, including the tenets of our creed, which calls for dignity and respect for all people.

From the university's landmark tour:

In the fall of 1962, amidst violence and turmoil, James Meredith became the first African-American to enroll at the University. 

Exactly 44 years after Meredith attended his first class, the Civil Rights Monument was dedicated on October 1, 2006. In tribute to those who sought to open the doors of higher education to all citizens in the South, the words “Courage,” “Opportunity,” “Knowledge,” and “Perseverance” are inscribed at the top of the limestone portal, which sits just west of the Lyceum.

If you have any helpful information, call University Police at 662-915-7234.

Photo by Adam Jones.


  • David Carter

    Kill integration! Integration is killing Black Colleges. LeMoyne Owen College could be a University. Blacks would have to go where they are wanted and needed.

  • Thedasout

    This is not intimidating at all, and I’m sure there wasn’t any Black student messed up about it. Now the serial killer that stopped counting at 22 now that’s who got my attention!

  • Mitch

    Mississippi is full of cowards gayblades like Nick and David. When they did this they were drunk and in thier underwear with the stains in the back.


    Ole Miss still represents the most ignorant and hateful, breathing mammals in this country. I refused their scholarship offers to attend there for that reason years ago. They are still a hundred years behind humanity.

    • Cooter

      Pest Control, the University does not not condone this behavior. Therefore, they do not “represent” this behavior. A $25,000 reward for petty vandalism really shows their commitment to squashing this idiocy. Your statements show your own level of bigotry and stereotyping.

  • MikeBarret

    25 grand????? Heck I will pretend I did it for that kind of money. At most this is misdemeanor trespass and probably not even that if they weren’t asked to leave . . .

  • hateliberalcommies

    Yet the knock out games are still occurring and not one time have they been considered hate crimes and no reward has ever been issued.

    • Iragant

      Still talking about the knock out game’ you do know life go’s on. I know it hurt to think about it’ ok think about this, a guy engaged to a beautiful younglady shoots her in the head try to make it look like sucide, now he wishes he played the knock out game instead.

  • Alkebu

    The more things change, the more things stay the same… An institute of higher education and acts of depravity and intolerance.

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