First Degree Murder Charges For Mother Of Missing Baby

Posted on: 11:22 am, February 17, 2014, by , updated on: 10:21pm, February 17, 2014

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(Memphis) Andrea Walker has been charged with two First Degree Murder charges in the death of her 7-week-old daughter.

Walker’s attorney, Leslie Ballin, brought her to 201 Poplar where she turned herself in to police today .

Andrea Walker’s 7-week-old  daughter Aniston has been missing since early January.

Police now confirm the body of a baby found Sunday in Millington on Singleton Parkway lying face down in a ditch is that of Aniston Walker.

In a news release, Memphis police said the body and clothing on the baby found matched Aniston Walker.

“It is heartbreaking to confirm that an innocent child’s life has been taken, but now family members of Aniston Walker can have closure and begin the healing process of losing a loved one,” said Director Toney Armstrong.

Millington investigators say the baby appeared to be on the side of the road for some time and had on a onesie, the same type of clothing Aniston was last seen in.

Walker told police she left her daughter Aniston home with her 3-year-old while she took an older child to school.

Walker said when she returned, Aniston was gone.

A police search for the baby turned up empty.

Originally, Walker faced four charges but those were reduced to two charges of child abuse.

Walker is charged with First Degree Murder in the Perpetration of a Felony to wit Aggravated Child Neglect or Endangerment and First Degree Murder in the Perpetration of a Felony to wit Aggravated Child Abuse.

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  • RitaB says:

    May she burn!

    • renee wood says:

      People dont kill your baby bring the baby to me.There to many people who would love to take the babys or kids that the sorry people who just want to kill them.The police need to do something.

      • Elaine says:

        Excellent reply. I absolutely agree with you. I suffered infertility and it killed me knowing that every day babies were aborted by their mothers, newborns and infants, toddlers were killed by their parents. So wrong.

  • stupid stupid stupid says:

    This is far more the saddest thing that I could do to a child I have three gyrls times may get hard but I will never get to the point when I have to harm my kids because things aren’t working in my favor my kids never asked to be here

  • joe says:

    The fact they let this stupid cow out on bail is a testament to the stupidity of the justice system.

  • born-n-raised says:

    Wow discarded like trash on the side of the road, you don’t get much
    lower than that. There are thousands of people in this country
    black,white or purple that would have given the world to have,love
    and raise this baby.I just don’t understand it.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree with you. All I can do right now is just shake my head.

    • Stay Focus says:

      This really lays heavy on my heart, I couldn’t imagine anyone treating a child like trash. Very touching and to know someone in her family is supporting this type of crime, she didn’t bail herself out of jail or hire Leslie Ballin, you can see the wear & tear on Leslie for all the guilty people he has helped to freedom, money can buy freedom no peace.

      • Thedasout says:

        Agree, but it’s not just her lawyer the judges have to approve along with the d.a. She gets off and nobody feels for the bsby. Sad, R.I.P. babygirl.

  • Skeptic says:

    If you are guilty, Ballin is your man.

    • Brenda Shepard says:

      Yeah, just look at Mary Winkler in McNairy County! He was on her defense team. She got away with murdering her husband.

  • people! If it gets to the point where you think you’re going to harm a child, take him to a hospital are the police station. Just tell him I can’t handle this anymore.because you’re going to get caught sooner or later.god help us all!

  • Sam says:

    Crazy… I hope she confesses or there is enough evidence to Undoubtably convict her… Even with the evidence in plain sight Casey Anthony got away with it. Let us hope there is justice in this case…

  • Daddy says:

    Hope she fry’s. Stupid a$$. How can anyone harm a innocent baby. She doesn’t deserve to breed or breath.

  • Some Body says:

    The world is wicked, the end is nigh!

  • Larry says:

    This is a direct result of a failed government system that turns baby making in to a good paying career. The baby was just a means of support. WE NEED CHANGE! You don’t reward a dog for peeing in the floor, nor should we increase benefits for having more children by idiots.

    • MissTee says:

      Babymaking is not a “career”. Public benefits are barely enough to survive on. And I dont think we even know this woman had them. Get over yourself. Turn off right wing radio and join the real world.

      • Terrie says:

        Baby making HAS become a career for some people. TheyDO have more babies JUST for the extra money!!! This is where the system is getting screwed and whats more sad is the people running this portion of the system, are having babies for the extra money as well!!!
        Seriously, where have you been? THIS is where they City is running out of money! ALL departments need to be audited then the guilty till ‘retire’.

      • Paul says:

        I personally worked with three lovely ladies for 10 years in a warehouse in memphis called Gamesworkshop… all three of them (black and white) stated in conversations about systemic social failures, that they have family members who will have and still do have children for no other reason that to “get a check”. It does happen more often than not.

      • DAN says:

        agree. She worked for the IRS. Could be a case of postpartum depression. Still no excuse. Hang em high. We need eye for eye, tooth for a tooth in this country. Rob me, cut off your hand. Bet ya dont rob again.

    • Thedasout says:

      They stop raisingthe amount of money for each child a decade ago. You just want to vent on bs. This didn’t have nothing to do with welfare but everything to do with hate. Stop passing it out!

    • Toot_mctoots says:

      If you watch the first video, she lives in a nice neighborhood and home and is said to have a good job. Please don’t jump to the conclusion about living on benefits.
      Yes, she is STILL a monster if she hurt that baby though! I’m NOT defending her on that aspect.

  • tngrandma says:

    Do like they do in the military. If you get married, the amount you get for food and housing goes up a bit. But after that, it doesn’t make any difference if you have 1 or 10 children, that pay never goes up.

    • MissTee says:

      Thats how it works with public assistance too. But you wouldn’t know that for all the uninformed shrieking people do on the internet.

  • Noria says:

    It’s reall a sad situation all the way around!! But these innocent kids didn’t ask to be here to be abused or neglected so its time for the justice system to step up and do something!!! All this keeps happening cause they only get a slap on the wrist and out again !!!!!

  • MaryK says:

    Perhaps, just maybe when we start treating mental illness as serious as criminal offenses we can better understand this kind of behavior. And sometimes its not the money at all..maybe thats hard to imagine in these times.

    • Amber says:

      Please, do not justify this evil woman. She’s a murderer, and worse, she murdered her own baby.

      • MissTee says:

        Don’t be an idiot. Asking why something happened is not “excusing” it. Finding out why is key to preventing future incidents like this. People who actually CARE about preventing this kind of thing know that.

      • Amber says:

        MissTee, you’re the only idiot I see commenting on all of these peoples posts. Get real.

  • bf59 says:

    She will most likely get less time for this than a guy that sells pot and gets caught. I hope it doesn’t work in Ballin’s favor this time. I hope she gets everything she deserves and than some. This is horrible and it is tragic.

  • smiley925tn says:

    Sick, sick, sick!!! How can she afford to pay Leslie Ballin…….she can’t but he will represent her because it is a high profile case and he is a money hungry scum bag! One thing is for sure, she will NOT escape the wrath of God and his sentence is an eternal one! Thank you Lord for taking this baby from this deranged person! Rest in peace and love baby Aniston.

  • Brenda Bernstein says:

    Poor Thaddeus Matthews has now lost all credibility.

  • Howard Stern says:

    Matthews never had any credibility to lose.

  • Macey B says:

    In my opinion, these innocent angels did not ask to be brought into this world of confusion. If it comes to abusing or killing a child, call a family member/close friend for help, take the child to a safehaven or consider adoption. If you have a mental condition or post partum depression, accept that you have a problem and get some help. But to take an innocent life, Im sorry I just cant see.

  • melinda says:

    I believe in an eye for an eye i think what ever she done to the poor baby that never got to grow and experience life so yes put her face down. In the mud do to the mother what she done to that baby

  • Joe Bo says:

    Well I believe in innocent till proven guilty, you people already finding her guilty, with a shread of evidence on her proximity to the crime. Based on this that would make everyone in the tri-state suspects.

  • Derek says:

    What an act of God to have that man stop @ the exact location of where the baby was laying dead. There are times when his wrath finds you out before men do.

  • equalopportunityhater says:

    This is why I’m pro abortion. She should have just taken the coat hanger approach and kept us from having to pay for the search, her jail time, her many appeals, and we will be shelling out money to take care of the other two in state custody. Not only that, but that baby would have not had to suffer nor be degraded by laying facedown on the side of a road. Coat hangers people. They do wonders.

    • born-n-raised says:

      Haters will hate!! You sound as if your speaking from experience abortion and
      your sick coat hanger approach. I guess, had she done that the fetus
      would have felt nothing?? Your not pro abortion, your a saddistic hater.
      What if the baby had died of SIDS,she found her,she knew she would
      immediately be called a baby killer, she did’nt know what to do, she had
      post partum depression and SNAPPED. Until all the details are out, keep your coat hangers in the closet or better yet,around your neck.
      She was employeed by the IRS,I doubt she was on any state assistance, and so what if she was. Judge not,lest ye be judged.

      • me says:

        I must agree

      • Terrie says:

        @Born-n-raised sounds like you know something about this case & the baby birther. You are full of excuses for this crime but what you don’t understand is that this is something that is seen all the time in Memphis and most of these ‘haters’ as you call them know what the out come will be and are fed up with the justice system. You sound young & dumb so stick around for 25 yrs. Then you may understand too.
        This woman needs to be fixed & hung. Real simple.

  • Deb says:

    And all that evil witch POS had to do was take that baby to any fire station or church and drop her off and there would be no questions asked. Why kill the baby ? I hope she burns in hell for this.

    • Leslie says:

      My question is WHY?! Why are so many babies, toddlers killed by the hands of their own parents…the very ones that are suppose to love and protect them?!

  • vicdubeau says:

    lets all pray 4 little aniston walker and may justice prevail…

  • Keith says:

    Big Bertha, will be waiting for her to come to prison. This woman is worthless .

  • Joe Censored says:

    tossed her baby into a roadside ditch like rubbish… That poor baby was doomed to a sub human pos “mother” like this monster. If anyone deserves the death penalty, this mongrel is a poster child for it. There is a special place in hell for this one.

    Memphis Representing!!!

  • 1midtownmike says:

    There is more moral conviction in the “member” of a male mosquito than there is in the entire body of Leslie Ballin.

  • brenda says:

    I just don’t see how she could with herself after killing her on baby I think should spend the rest her life behind bars but jail isn’t enough innocent baby God Got His Punishment For All WRONG DOING

  • Edroy Dames says:

    I look at all these hate messages from ignorant people and say i am convinced that its like a disease……Educate yourselves by reading…..until you know all the facts why sit here an degrade someone. Granted the innocent baby died Gods angel but somthing is obviously wrongvwith this woman……If she is a killer she deserves what she gets until them all the hate and ignorance dont change wat has happened

  • If Andrea Walker killed her infant daughter, she is definitely mentally ill. According to the article, she has two older children, and women don’t suddenly become monsters against their own children. She may have been suffering from post-partum depression or psychosis, an illness that sometimes contributes to women committing unthinkable crimes against their own children. Some women are fortunate enough to have strong family support systems to help them through this temporary, but painful, process. Unfortunately, though, not all women have strong support systems, and they are left to endure this process alone, which jeopardizes the safety of the infant. I’m not a doctor, but I am a survivor with a strong family support system. I never felt inclined to hurt my children, but I knew something wasn’t right, and I loved my children enough to seek help. May Aniston rest in peace among the lullabies of heavenly angels. Her death is a tragedy because it was 100% preventable.

    • You make a fair argument for depression however, depressed people don’t lawyer up. They don’t impede investigations. They typically assist in any possible way

      • MissTee says:

        First of all, depressed people do lawyer up if they are charged with a crime. Your assertion that they don’t is absurd.

        Second, this is not just depression we are talking about. This is very likely post partum psychosis. A very different, and very real thing.

      • Amber says:

        Hugh, you are correct. She could have cooperated the whole time. There would have been a support system for her if she really did have a problem, it would have been worked through. Instead, she lied and left a whole city worrying about this precious baby, and then she dumped her like trash.

    • me says:

      AMEN I SO AGREE. She is with the Lord now and the truth will come out . May the father have mercy on her soul. She will be judged one day .

  • tina says:

    These bleeding hearts for this woman make me sick. No matter what she did from leaving 2 babies at home or killing her baby she is responsible for that childs death! Who had respect or concern for Baby A? Any one who says mental illness is sick thenselves.She was well enough to get released on bail. I pray God has a special place in hell for her and others who hurt a child

    • born-n-raised says:

      Tina, unless you are a close family member in this very tragic case you
      do not have any idea of the facts. Call us bleeding hearts and that we
      make you sick, that’s ok. Yes it was a horrific,unthinkable act, but who are we to convict her before hearing all the facts. If you have never
      dealt up close and personal with depression,post partum or bi-polar or
      a number of other serious mental illnesses, you don’t have a clue.
      I honestly do not believe this woman woke up, grabbed her 7 week
      old live baby,drove to Millington and threw her out the window. Is
      being mentally ill an excuse to do such a horrible thing? absolutely
      not, most know right from wrong. But until all facts are in,don’t be
      so quick to hang her.

    • MissTee says:

      People who spit on the mentally ill make me sick. They are the reason these things happen.

  • ihateallthingssnowbeast says:

    All this for this case she hasn’t been convicted of anything and if so she will be duly punished. In you so called “concerned” citizens rush to get a noose the question arises Did you donate a dime or time to any group that helps prevent such things? Or are YOU just some loud mouth with fake outrage? I bet if you saw a hungry child you hypocritical fools would cross the street.

    • born-n-raised says:

      Mr.Snowbeast, you actually do have a heart!,
      Well said !

    • MissTee says:

      My moneys on fake outrage. They’ll be the same people cheering the next story about cuts in funding to programs to help families. They are just gross people.

  • kitkatceo says:

    The baby’s death is tragic and it’s very possible this woman is suffering from some sort of mental illness. The baby was 7 weeks old when it was reported missing and it’s been suggested her mother may have PMDA. It is a real medical condition that can trigger suicidial and /or psychotic behaviour. A co-worker of mine lost her sister in December to it without warning, Her sister took her own life instead before she could harm her children and left behind a 3 month old & a 7year old. Her family is now trying to help raise awareness & funds to help 2 organizations that offer support & resources & do research on the disorder & to prevent suicide. Everyone wants to be angry, but anger doesn’t do anything. Action does. Considering helping someone in need. For more info visit:

  • I wish they didn’t show the baby. I can’t look at him.

  • Olivia says:

    I had postpartum depression, very severe case and I never once imagined or thought about hurting my child. Contrary to popular belief not .everyone who gives birth to a child is a mother. If my son ever just disappeared it would not be his father who is calling the police it would be me and I would be searching everywhere myself with no rest until I found him. The heart of a true mother never gives up hope. This is a heinous, despicable, .disrespectful to your own child, way of disposing of her. If she didn’t want her she should have gave her up for adoption. If she had died of sudden infant death syndrome she would have contacted the authorities like any parent would including a mother with postpartum depression, in a panic at that. And how could you possibly even live with yourself doing day-to-day activities knowing that your child is lying face down in the ditch, dead?!?! In the video above, to me, it seems as though she’s ashamed of herself, and she should be.

  • Sweetiepie says:

    It’s so sad that people lack sensitivity to other people’s situations. The facts are the facts; the truth is just the truth. No need to add or take away from it. It will stand on his own. The facts as we know through the media is this mother killed her child. Mothers are NOT supposed to kill their children. However, there can be many circumstances around a situation where a mother does this type thing. None of us know why. There is probably a lot more to this story than anyone not close to her or her family could even fanthom. Right now, calling her names and using racial slurs is just an unproductive act and waste of time. Mental illness is very real. People professionally mask their pain and issues daily to be accepted and to survive. It takes an astute individual to recognize the not so obvious signs of mental illness. Everyone doesn’t lash out and act crazy. Sometimes, the signs are so sublte they are not recognizable. We all need to spend more time connecting and reconnecting with family and friends. The stress of life can sometimes weigh people down. Depression sets in and if it’s not dealt with, it causes the individual to feel hopeless and they continue to decline.Just because you’ve been depressed before or experienced something similiar to someone else, it doesn’t make you an expert on it. This was YOUR experience; this doesn’t mean you weren’t capable of doing what another has done, you soght help in time or someone got you help in time. This is not the case for every individual. Rather than judge, we should be praying for this young woman and her entire family. Two children are now MOTHERLESS. A mother has lost her daughter; a sister/brother has lost a sibling. Show some compassion please. No matter what comes out; this woman didn’t wake up and decide to just throw her baby in a ditch. Something triggered this behavior and whatever is was, she needs help getting through this.

    • Kim says:

      Amen, only God can judge her and knows the truth!

    • born-n-raised says:

      Thank you Sweetiepie (whoever you are), if only we could all have
      half the compassion you do. Compassion doesn’t mean we condone
      what happen, it just means that until we’ve walked in that mothers
      shoes and ALL the facts are in, don’t be so quick to hang her.

  • Dianne New says:

    So very sad! I cringe at the thought of such a horrific crime. Also this makes me sick because I drove pass Jones Orchard six times just days before her little body was found. Very disturbing!

  • Dianne New says:

    Just the Fact that an innocent child is dead is tha matter at hand. The race card being played is irrelevant.

  • Kim says:

    Where and who is the father of the child????

  • There’s a world of difference between post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis. The more that people sit back and condemn others for something they don’t understand, the more we will continue to read about tragic cases like Aniston.

    I can think of someone else who showed little regard for mental illness. During his presidency, Ronald Reagan cut funding to mental hospitals, forcing many patients to be discharged onto the streets. Ironically, the same former president became inflicted with, and ultimately died from, Alzheimer’s disease. I’m not trying to mock Reagan, but I recognize karma when I see it.

    If Andrea Walker killed her infant daughter, she will answer for her actions before a judge or a jury of her peers. If mental illness played a part in this heinous crime, then these mitigating circumstances should be considered during the sentencing process.

    I am in no way trying to excuse the killing of a vulnerable infant. But, consider this information before quickly condemning Andrea Walker: Historically, women commit homicide far less often than men, and yet, women serve sentences up to four times longer for the same crime. Where is the outrage for that injustice in sentencing? Some people claim that if Andrea Walker is suffering from severe depression, then she shouldn’t “lawyer up,” when the exact opposite is true. The fact that she is a woman means the judicial system is already set up to show her less leniency. And, let’s not get started on the fact that she is also a woman of color. I’m trying hard not to pull the race card, but in reality, there are many degrees of discrimination in our judicial system, beginning with gender and ending with race.

  • Brenda Bernstein says:

    Where is the outrage from the black church?

  • Chris Williams says:

    Wow it’s depressing seeing all these so called women/mothers stick up for this worthless piece of s*** that killed her own baby. Post-partum depression??? Really who gives a rat’s a**. Where are all these “women” when that dude killed his girlfriend’s baby last year and put him in the dumpster?? He should get the death penalty and so should she.

  • born-n-raised says:

    Terrie, 1. Your user name is posted on here enough,shut up.
    2. I am not “young or dumb” I’m 54, 3 kids,2 grandkids and far from dumb.3. I use the term ‘haters” only because I was addressing a comment made by user name- equalopportunityhater, NOT YOU!
    I in no way condone what this mother has been accused of, but if
    you think that mental illness can’t play a role in a tradgedy as this,
    and you support back street coat hanger abortions, you need to
    leave your cave once in awhile……..

  • She holds the facts! She needs to reveal them!!!!

  • DAN says:


  • Im In tears…so much pain and evil in this world today….speechless and in tears…..

  • Ms Indianapolis317 says:

    Memphis got some sick people.. I on the web site @ memphis news its just ridiculous first y’all make nation wide T.V show FIRST 48, NOW KILLING BABIES COME ON SOUTH,

  • Ms.Jones says:

    Uhhhh, because it was a lie to begin with?

  • Brenda Bernstein says:

    Don’t speak ill of black leader.

  • Derek says:

    I’m waiting to hear that also….

  • austinandjustin says:

    This baby’s death is sad enough without bringing more rancidness into it.

  • Julie says:

    The baby’s death is a tragedy, but I would like to see What Mr. Matthews has to say about this

  • Brenda Bernstein says:

    You are 100% incorrect. Take your mis information elsewhere

  • Terrie says:

    Hey Brenda, don’t protect that man!

  • Thedasout says:

    It could have been one of the younger children that hurt the baby unknowinglyand sshe’s protecting him/her. Don’t find her guilty without all the facts!

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