Woman’s Death At South Memphis Apt. Complex Brings Large Police Response

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(Memphis) Police are investigating the death of a South Memphis woman.

Right now, they aren’t sure how the woman died and aren’t looking for any suspects.

But the force Memphis police brought to the scene questions the sheer safety of the neighborhood.

Sunday, it looked like a war zone at the Warren apartments off Clementine and Elvis Presley.

“I'm scared for my life. People getting this tax money, they’re going crazy,” said Kristal Eddins who lives at the Warren Apartments.

Sunday, Memphis police officers with assault rifles stood guard and walked through the complex as dozens of other officers looked into what caused a 22-year-old mother to die in her home.

Neighbors say they heard the woman arguing with her boyfriend earlier.

“You know, I’m tired of this. Leave me alone, I can’t take this no more,” recalled Eddins.

Police took that man in for questioning, but don’t believe he is a suspect or was at home when she died.

Because of the woman’s age, they are treating her death as a homicide.

Cops, crime tape and a coroner’s van took over the neighborhood, while small children played in the grass and looked on like they were just watching TV.

Eddins kept her one-year-old daughter and five year-old-son inside, “He sees stuff like this every day. It’s just ridiculous. Every time you turn around."

In less than a year and a half, the apartment complex has also been the scene of a shooting where a bullet pierced through a toddler’s tiny arm, and where a pregnant woman wanted for burglary jumped from a window to escape officers.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, it’s ridiculous,” said Eddins.

But what the mom of two does know, she wants to move, “I have kids, I am scared for my life."



    Living close to those thug and gang banger filled apartment….our home was robbed 3 times in 7 weeks and nothing has been done. The police have shut down store and businesses all over town for being a public nuisance and a danger to the public. Why won’t they shut that place down? The city wonders why it has such a bad reputation and is bleeding revenue….well look at that apartment complex and you will see a prime example of just why this city has one of the worst reputations for violence in the nation.

  • Wake Up

    Close the complex? Don’t these folks remember what happened when the public housing in this city was torn down? Section 8 destroyed 2/3rds of Memphis. Don’t tear it down let them stay there


      Nope, don’t remember, and honestly don’t care. If they want to live like thugs and hood rats and gang bangers…they can do it on their own dime and not the government. All they want to do at that place is fight steal do drugs and drink and shoot and stab. The few that can’t help where they live is sad but there are other places that are better. They are not any better than the rest of us to work for a living and live respectable lives. The little kids there watched what all was going on like they were watching television….Does that not tell you something? It tells me that they see this a lot. Kids don’t need that kind of life…no one does.

  • Mike Wilson

    I work at that Family Dollar by the complex and the ratchetness that occurs in that area is ridiculous. People from that same complex come into the store and steal. They need to shut that complex down. It’s really sad that people refer to them as the “Clementine Apartments”, as suppose to the Warren Apartments because they’re on Clementine Rd.

  • Thedasout

    They could have been solve this problem, the apartments aren’t livable. If you put ppl in a messed up environment then most act accordingly. Bligh is everywhere and since the city is paying the rent and light bill they could fix up some of these abandoned houses in neighborhoodsaround the schools they are planning to close. That way they can keep schools open and give ppl in the pprojects a since of pride. Leaving things as they are will only lead to more crime.

  • brock

    my people parish because of the lack of knowledge. killings and murder, this is all we see in the nieghborhoods where we grow up. it is apparent that most of us grow and try to imitate the very thing that was instilled in us and that is to kill our people. noone has to remind us where we are from. noone has to remind us that we lack materialistic value in things. they hold us accountable for knowledge, money, morals that we were never exposed to. but i dont blame “them” i blame the men and women of our society who can help but dont who can come back down to earth but they wont. we see it everyday..NOBODY deserves to live in mess ..regardLESS!! why should we have to suffer for the actions of a few people.. from slavery we have watched our men and women be killed hung shot !!!! children watch this everyday.. hmmm not everybody has the opportunity to grauduate high school and go to a college… why?? because everybody school dont have access to scholarships!! YES THATS TRUE!! whatever….. i cOULD pour my heart out to try and explain what it’s like to grow from nothing with help from nothing all while trying to become something but you will never understand

    • Im proud of my hood

      I understand exactly what you mean, I too grew up in poverty, I too had a drug addict mother, I too was pregnant at 16 and was the mother of 3 by 21. I too dropped out of school, but I had too make a chose live like that or get me and my family as far away from this city as I could. I did and got my G.E.D and went to college and got a degree. It was not easy I worked two jobs and went to school and raised 3 kids by myself but I did it and you can too but you have to put in work and make that first step. Always remember dont nobody owe or have to give you anything. You must work for what you want. The world has so many opportunities to offer and you must go out and get and stop waiting on someone to give it to you. People say keep it 100# make sure you are to yourself and not the hood.


    I didn’t grow up rich with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I was raised…I didn’t just grow up. Yes, there is a difference. The slavery days are long gone so the “MY PEOPLE ARE SO OPPRESSED” is a crock. You make a choice to live right and do right and living in the projects is not an excuse. It is not just a black/white thing…It is a matter of choosing to live right.

    • rasstrelnikov

      If you think slavery is the only form of oppression, then you are literally so stupid that I’m not sure how you have survived this long.

      Btw, if you have to say “it’s not just a black/white thing,” then chances are it actually is.

      It’s time for you to grow up and take a look at the real world already. Sometimes hard work and “living right” don’t get you anything.


        Oh, and I guess that stealing people blind, raping, robbing, and killing does? I have worked hard all my life for what I have. I help where I can, and when I can to those that I see are literally trying to make an effort to help themselves. Looks like it might be you that needs to grow up. And if you actually READ the comment that I was responding to then you will see that the person is talking about “his people.” Just what would you think he was referring to…… a pack of wild dogs? That’s what I thought. Have a great day.

    • Sad

      You are a shining star and such a great example of what can come out of a bad situation. I applaud you!! If everyone looked at it from your prospective and worked for what they have, they would have a better look out on life and would be able to earn what they receive instead of taking someone else’s. Kudos to you, it just shows that it can be done!


        Thank you. I am very proud of my raisings, and choose to RAISE my children the same way. with respect for myself and them while teaching them respect for themselves must come before you can respect anyone else…. A self respect starts with the Choice to live right and do right and work hard for everything that you have. People in ‘the hood” sadly don’t do that.

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