Dog Put Down At Memphis Animal Services After Being Adopted

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(Memphis) Memphis Animal Services is changing the way it operates after a dog set to go home with a rescue group was accidentally put down.

“Every dog in every kennel, we look in their eyes, they are not numbers to us,” said Dea Ibarra who works with animal groups like, Bailey’s Arms Animal Rescue, to help rehab abandoned, sick and abused animals.

But this week, human error showed a pit bull terrier, named Josie, may have been just a number for a couple Memphis Animal Services workers.

Josie was accidentally put down at the city shelter.

Ibarra says she was distraught when she heard the news.

“Cried, fell on my knees and cried, we all cried for each other,” said Ibarra.

Josie was adopted about an hour and a half after the euthanasia list for the next day was created.

Workers put a green tag on her kennel to alert others she had been adopted and changed her notes in the computer system.

But Josie was never physically taken out of the euthanasia room.

The next morning, she was injected with a deadly cocktail.

Ibarra says sadly, Josie’s story happens way too often.

“It’s an emotional roller coaster, the ones you save, you are happy to get,” expressed Ibarra.

In a statement to News Channel 3, Memphis Animal Services administrator John Rogers wrote, “While MAS has made tremendous progress, our processes and procedures continue to evolve as we strive for excellence in our efforts to care for and preserve for adoptions as many pets as we can.”

In just a few days, shelter is already tightening up the rules; creating the euthanasia lists the morning of and physically placing adopted dogs in a separate room.

Ibarra says in extreme cases, euthanizing is best for sick animals, but she hopes these new changes will stop those who have already been adopted, from dying because of error.

“We trust they are going to do it in a humane way. But the ones who already have a foster, already have a life, it’s needless. It makes us all want to crawl under a rock,” said Ibarra.


  • Jeremy

    I was outside last year & some idiot tossed out a 3 week puppy onto sidewalk in front of a vacant house. I paid its vet bills & that little guy has provided 24/7 love & affection to our family. Guess my priorities are out of wack, right Joe?

    • Joe

      Been down to the Med lately Jeremy?

      Paid any medical bills for the indigent and homeless that wind up there?

      yeah, that’s what I thought

      • Nancy

        Those indigent and homeless people you’re referring to at the Med, got there because of poor choices they made in life. Animals are innocent. Get a grip!

      • B. Lynn

        Oh, I’m so sorry…didn’t realize you got to dictate how others who work hard for their money actually spend it. Guess I didn’t get the memo… Pfftt and THIS is why I prefer dogs.

  • Arianna

    Why is MAS Administrator Jim Rogers using corporate speak? No apology, no evidence of humanity, no wonder this is happening.

  • candy

    Joe you are a jerk! Just because someone cares deeply about homeless dogs does not mean they do not care about murders, rapes, and children. You just illustrated perfectly the ignorance of uncaring humans that caused this problem in the first place!!!! asfar as I am concerned, fire the workers who killed this precious dog that had a r3acue in place and fire the director! it is aboit time we get caring individuals working in these shelters that I help pay for!!!!!

    • Joe

      ahhhh…all the bleeding heart animal lovers are out today…..

      Sounds like I struck a guilty nerve with all of you?

      Millions of animals out there that we can’t support. No way…no how. But many of you haven’t the stomach for merciful euthanasia….you moan and whine about the poor little “rescue dogs” because that’s the cool thing to do this week and you brag about how you “saved” the poor little thing.

      You’ll pay for vet bills like the gentleman above mentioned….you’ll buy medicine for them, food by the 50 lb bag and take them to the vet…..

      But most of you will walk by the homeless human beings in Memphis without a second thought. And you have no clue where the Union Mission is.

      Pets are just that…..pets……they are not children.

      I stand by my comment…..if helping humans isn’t your first and MAJOR priority…..then you could use a little therapy or an attitude adjustment.

      • Barbara Willis

        You are a heartless sick person Je. What have you done to help children, anmals or the homeless. I would bet NOTHING! So back off and let people that care do the good this world so badle needs. Put your time and money where your mouth is and see if you can make a difference like those “bleeding hearts”.

  • Jim Donahue

    It is quite surprising that this does not happen more at MAS. Consider the thousands of dogs and cats that are Dumped on the MAS. MAS does not solict these animals, they are there because people do not take proper care of there pets

  • Vee

    Yea these idiots get 8 dollars an hour and probably enjoy killing animals. Our whole system is built on a of lack of humanity y and compassion for ALL living things. Its sickening

  • A Kimbro

    I’m surprised that the facility didn’t foresee a potential problem with placing a green sticker on a cage in a euthanasia room. I can easily predict one falling off or not being placed timely or distractions causing a major error. Perhaps if there must be a euthanasia room, the end of the day routine ought to be dedicated to a routine of double checking on the dogs in that room and all dogs of interest by potential adopters. Mornings before the euthanasia begins should be double checked for after hours messages of potential adopters and double check the work from the day before. That can help cover for mistakes and break down of communication.

  • Thedasout

    If Dunn had a dog! I know the dog got people that never met it crying like they lost a family member. Now how many Blacks responsible for this in your mind? P.S. Dunn is history in the making. Want to make history?

  • Debby Muncyy

    I am the one that called to have Josie picked up since some imbicle dropped her off along side of the road. I have other animals and could not keep.She was so sweet and loving. When she looked at you with those beautiful eyes it just melted your heart. I was praying someone would adopt her and give her a good home. Now this. If can’t take care of an animal of love them DON’T get one. This makes me sooo sad.

  • Emilie Bilotta

    Did you ever think Joe if people treated animals better, maybe some of these defenseless children would be treated better….Anyone that can abuse animals and send them to certain death……would not be a good influence on children. In my opinion!!!

  • whoyoukiddin

    Just so everyone knows this was not a mistake at the shelter. The workers do not care period. They say the cage was tagged! Well why did they remove the dog from the cage? This is typical of people who don’t care about their jobs nor the animals they are supposed to care for. Whoever didn’t take the dog out of the room, whoever took the dog out of the cage and set him up to die deserve to be fired. No ifs, ands or buts about it. It is time to stop coddling these idiots you hire.

  • MsBella

    If the dog was tagged so that she would NOT be euthanized, why wasn’t she immediately taken out of the euthanasia area and placed in the adoption area? Seems like a simple solution to me.

  • brenda

    Let’s get one thing straight to everyone who owns a pet that is there kids so get that straight.. for homeless ppl what did they do to b homeless what to lazy to work or drug addicts they put there self there dogs rely on humans to take care of them they can’t go out in get a job.. do I feel bad for human homeless ppl but 90% put them self there dogs dnt.. ur a piece of shit of a human being let’s inject u cuz ur worthless in this world.. u prob on of those one who fight them and abuse animals since ur so fuckin heartless about them.. call me what u want but I would help a homeless dog b4 I would a human dogs can’t help what’s thrown at them humans can js

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