Two-Year-Old Boy Dies From Severe And Suspicious Injuries

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(DeSoto County, MS) WREG is learning about an Olive Branch toddler who died from severe injuries, but was the child killed.

In a statement sent to WREG Saturday, Olive Branch Police Chief Don Gammage confirmed his department is investigating the death of a 2-year-old boy said no arrest has been made.

“We are not releasing the child’s name or the parents’ names, but it all happened in the city limits of Olive Branch,” Gammage said. “It is still an ongoing investigation, and I will tell you that the child had severe and suspicious injuries.”

WREG asked DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion if this could be ruled a homicide.

He replied, "Yeah, I think. Yeah, most definitely this could be ruled a homicide."

Champion is looking at every possibility.

Two weeks ago, a 2-year-old child from Olive Branch was taken to Le Bonheur with what he calls "severe" and "suspicious" injuries.

"At Le Bonheur, basically the child had to be taken off life support. We were called in on it, and began working with the Olive Branch Police."

Champion wouldn't give many details like where the child was living, and who was taking care of the toddler.

He said he is looking at more than one person, but wouldn't say if they're family members.

Champion is waiting on an autopsy report and hoping it will bring some resolution to this tragedy.

"I don't know that situations like Tyler Raines or this case we are talking about or any situation is necessarily anything that can be prevented. The best eyesight everyone has got is hindsight. If someone is going to abuse a child, they will find some way to do it," said Champion.

We put in a request for the police report, but were told, "because of the seriousness of the crime, it could take up to a week to get it."

This is the second child's death investigated in Desoto County in less than three weeks.


  • OneofaKind

    Why is everything about race? There is bad whites, bad blacks, bad hispanics, etc. every race has their own bad blood. When everyone wakes up and realizes this we can move forward with man kind. This is such a tragic story no child should ever have their life taken especially by a loved one.

  • Michelle

    Mr. Champion you are one sad excuse of a district attorney. Who’s
    side are you on You basically said, it is what it is.
    Did you forget we are talking about child abuse,severe child abuse, deaths of innocent children, kids and babies that don’t have a voice.
    Very scary thought that you are a major part of the JUSTICE system.

  • ihateallthingssnowbeast

    This area is out of control with these multiple child kilings. I know DHS claims they do a reasonable job but we all know thats a bunch of bull. To many kids suffering Real abuse and being overlooked but they focud on some kid getting a spanking instead.

  • Terrie

    Well, I say it’s the trash coming in from Memphis. BUT, our Police depts. WILL get to the bottom of this and someone WILL pay for it! Mississippi justice is one of the best! You play you pay!!!

  • TigerFan

    Far too many terribly sad stories of poor helpless children being abused in the news lately. It has been a hearbreaking few months in the Mid South.

  • brandie

    this is why memphis news disgusts me. no matter what it is about- it comes down to race. someone has to throw it in there. whites, blacks, purples— DOES IT FRIGGING MATTER? you people that can only think race at the DEATH OF A CHILD disgust me

  • Ellen

    A child is suppose to be a gift from God, why does this happen. I am so saddened at yet another childs death for no reason. It breaks my heart and upsets me that that children are being killed and those who are suppose to protect them fail them.

  • Marybelle

    There is that “basically” word again. “Basically the child had to be taken of life support”-The writer needs to be schooled in writing news articles.. That is an unneessary word. Just ask Juge Judy.
    Regardless of “basically”, this was so sad to read. He is only 2 and his life was ended and it breaks my heart

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