Caterpillar, Inc., Expanding And Hiring In Corinth, MS

(Corinth, MS) More jobs are coming to North Mississippi.

Caterpillar, Inc., is investing almost $15 million to expand in Corinth, creating more than 30new jobs.

The company has been in Corinth for more than three decades and is expanding because the work is as dedicated to quality as Caterpillar is.

“The innovation that we have will one day show the world that Mississippi and other states like ours is indeed the place to come,” said Gov. Phil Bryant.

After days of dealing with ice and snow that crippled most of Mississippi, Gov. Bryant was glad to be in the warm confines of Caterpillar in Corinth.

Friday, Governor Bryant helped cut the ribbon on 540,000 square foot building,  where the company will remanufacture the c-175 engine.

The engine, which weighs in excess of 40,000pounds, is used in large mining trucks and generators.

The remanufacturing facility represents a $14.5 million investment by Caterpillar in Corinth and North Mississippi, and will create more than 30new jobs.

“And there’s no doubt in my mind that with best team, and we have that best team, we’re going to serve our customers better than anyone else in the world can do,” said Greg Folley, Vice President of Caterpillar’s Remanufacturing Division.

The remanufacturing plant will bring Caterpillar’s work force to more than 1,300 workers in Alcorn County.

Gov. Bryant says the work force is a reason Mississippi is able to bring new business to the state from locations all over the world.

“We go to China, we go to South America. Vietnam is now even opened for business,” said Gov. Bryant.

Brent McCarty has worked for Caterpillar for 15 years and will manage the new plant.

He says Caterpillar has been able to expand in North Mississippi through the dedication of its “home-grown” employees.

“The opportunity for individuals and the desire to want to come to work and have an accomplishment, I think we call it “get er done,”  is very impressive,” said McCarty.

Some of the new jobs will be filled from with the company, but Caterpillar will also be looking to hire employees with manufacturing experience.

If you are interested you can apply online at


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