Avoid Online Dating Scams

(Memphis) What may seem like a match made in heaven could really be a scam!

The continued growth of dating sites and social media has certainly helped some folks find love online, but it’s also a haven for crooks to steal your heart and your money.

Here are some signs it might be a scam:

  • Pictures posted on profile seem to be professional quality images only
  • Wants to leave dating site immediately and only use personal email or IM
  • Emails and posts includes lots of (or odd) grammar and spelling errors
  • Professes love way to early
  • Person makes excuses about not being able to speak by phone
  • Claims to be from U.S., but working overseas
  • Plans to visit but blames emergency
  • Asks you to wire money for assistance with travel or family, medical emergency

Additional information from the Federal Trade Commission and Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs.