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Author Susan Waits On Her Book, “Another Round”

(WREG-TV) Author Susan Waits joined us to talk about her new book, "Another Round."

Susan Waits has created a dramatic narrative with authentic characters that draw breath, laugh, cry, teach and learn in vivid settings drawn from a deep well of personal experience.

The plot reflects the inexplicable and serendipitous twists and turns of two women's lives as they come face to face with their addiction to alcohol.

Implicitly revealed are the iconic twelve steps to recovery in the illustration and interplay among personal intention, forgiveness, surrender and love.

"Claire Danner's life was one call for "another round" after another. Finally, at the age of sixty-eight, after decades of broken hearts and broken promises, and a body ailing from self-abuse, she reluctantly succumbs to her family's insistence to enter rehab. There she must face and conquer the demons long suppressed by her self-administered anesthetic. In the face of failing health and aged despair, will she emerge from this crucible with another chance at love and life? From childhood Grace was close to her "Momma Claire", and as a young adult studying art at Rhodes College, she had an unconscious propensity to overindulge. She wondered at times if she was on a collision course with the same fate as her grandmother, a question that would unexpectedly and suddenly be put to a life-struggling test. The parallel journeys of grandmother and granddaughter weave together and culminate in a joint pilgrimage that reveals a final, life-altering surprise."

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