Sheriff’s Deputy Parks In Handicapped Spot

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(Memphis) A WREG viewer emailed us a photo he snapped at an area shopping center.

The viewer was surprised when he saw a Shelby County Sheriff's Office car parked in a handicapped spot.

He snapped a photo and said eventually a deputy, "Came out in uniform with bag in hand."

This happened Wednesday afternoon at the Dick's Sporting Goods in the Hickory Hill area.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office told us they are aware of the situation, they are looking into it, and it shouldn't have happened.

Deborah Cunningham with the Memphis Center for independent Living said the deputy should know better than anyone else, and he should get slapped with a fine and ticket like everybody else.

"It is kind of pathetic. Why would he do that?" said Cunningham.

It's not clear what will happen with the deputy involved.


    • thehood

      MPD officer Emmanuel Manzano was caught driving DUI on 1/12/14 on Sam Cooper. Does anyone know if he is back in a patrol car and why?

      • Police need to be held accountable!!!

        Yes – I would like to know what happened here, too. Law enforcement must be held to a higher standard and set the example, but often times this is not the case, they are held to a “lower” standard, slapped on the wrist, slip through the cracks. WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS CASE???

  • joe

    How about taking pictures of all the lazy fat people who park in handicapped spots at Wal mart because they are too fat and lazy to walk an extra few feet?

    • upaces88

      I don’t know about other states, but here in Texas you MUST have a “handicap” sticker on your windshield or you can either get ticket and/or a ticket AND your car will be towed.

      • joe

        Ha! I see it all the time, big SUV parks in the spot with a handicap sticker, skinny redneck gets out and runs into Wal Mart. Or you see no sticker at all.

      • Donald Brewer

        Fat & Lazy people who park in a handicap spots can get a ticket. Who gives the fat, lazy cops a ticket? Shiny badges don’t grant special rights or privileges. EVERYONE must follow the rules.

    • Tim

      Seriously Deb – this same ….. would write you a huge ticket for the same thing. Besides that it is classless. Everyone knows handicap spaces are for 20 something gangstas who have a fake handicap placard.

  • SarahC

    This is news. Those who are in law enforcement are accountable to the people. The people, often, do not have a voice. Thank you for putting this up WREG. You guys should do this more often.

  • Tunica kid

    Its shameful.. The officer should face punishment. The officer should also write a letter of apology for his actions. The officer failed to show professionalism. The officer showed a lack of respect for people. This incident will be remembered for a long time. No Matter what the officers do for the good (give money to the poor,give rides to stranded motorist.etc…)certain citizens will always remember the officer that parked in the handicapped.

  • Proud of MPD

    I wonder if the “concerned citizen” snapped pictures of all the other non handicap people that use these spaces and sent it to News 3

  • dean drewery


  • John Doe

    Congratulations to News Channel3 and the concerned citizen! You showed that big bad policeman. Lets not be concerned with the numerous violent crimes, drug deals, or poor leadership that is occurring DAILY. Thank you Deputy for the people you protect, the true criminals you arrest, and the courage you show when death is always knocking at your door.

  • Antonio C. Torres

    Why do we waste time trying to bash the department for every little thing. Yes the person was wrong but there are more important things to worry about in this area. I have a daughter with a tramatic brain injury. We have a van with a lift to transport her around with us. It seems like every time we need a handicap van parking space someone that does not need the van spot will park there just because they have a sticker. there are times when there is a open parking space next to a handicap spot and a able person will take this space just because they have a sticker. I am not judging if a person is disabled. But you see people using these parking spots that have no mobility problems why are we not trying to control this instead of bashing on one officer, this is a example of a poor judgment in news coverage.

    • Marv

      Well if people see a cop do it, then they will feel like they can do it as well. This is a prime example of the 1% of police in memphis that feel they can do whatever they want. I’m glad nobody was getting robbed while he was in dicks shopping of our dime. By the way you can take a photo of a vehicle without a sticker and send it in. Nt just the cops who need to be proactive here.

      • FacePalm

        Mary, does it ever occur to you that the average officer’s shift is between 8-12 hours long and perhaps he was using his lunch time to grab something at that store? Or should they not be allowed to take a lunch break because it’s on your dime? Yeah this officer made the mistake of parking in a handicap space and perhaps he should get a ticket for it. But for God’s sake it’s not like he committed the ultimate crime and should be fired and sent to prison. Considering what a lot of these cops in Shelby county do and have to deal with I think we can let this one slide. WREG goes above and beyond when it comes to bashing law enforcement, if the cops wipe in the wrong direction they will be sure to let everyone know about it. They should focus on the cops that commit actual crimes not ones who make a simple mistake.

    • Observant citizen

      Face palm and eagleeye are right on! And how many times have we seen the news vans speeding like a bat out of hell to get their pathetic stories. I agree it was bad judgement but I’m sure he will understand that when he receives his next paycheck that will be missing a few days pay after his non paid suspension. Can we call off the Lynch mob now?

      • FacePalm

        No kidding, Observant Citizen. Where I live there has been some really bad ice storms that basically covered every major road with ice and I see stories where officials have said stay home don’t go out driving in these conditions unless it’s absolutely at must. So what do the news stations do? They send all their reporters out on a rubber necking mission to drive around and capture all the accidents and to babble about how dangerous the conditions really are and to make it seem as if the snow plows are not doing a good job in salting and trying to maintain the roads and of coarse capture a cop car that happened to slide off the road responding to a call and make it sound like they are contributing to the problem, knowing cops don’t get snow days and crime and accidents does not come to a stand still just because the weather is bad. When actually it’s the unnecessary rubber necking reporters that are contributing to the road problems. I don’t need some person in front of a camera telling me the roads are icy, I can look out my window and see the ice sheet covering my street.

  • Robby

    INTEGRITY…This officer broke the law, but yet is an enforcer of the law. An officer willing to do this in broad daylight would be willing to do worse things when people are not looking..

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