Missing 7-Year-Old Found After 14 Hours

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(Memphis) The search for a missing Cordova child is now over.

The child was checked out by doctors at LeBonheur Children’s hospital Thursday.

WREG was there when Dominic Jeffries was dramatically discovered just yards from where he disappeared.

“Was that him?” shouted Charity Groves as she rushed down Emerald Greens Drive looking to catch another glimpse of her 7-year-old son.

For nearly 14 hours, no one knew where Dominic was.

He disappeared in his Cordova neighborhood while walking his dog.

Family, neighbors and police searched frantically in the freezing cold for the child who vanished in a neighborhood with an icy lake.

The search and panic ended around 7 Thursday morning.

“They won't tell us anything. They told us to come back. I seen him when they picked him up,” said Groves.

“He doesn't look like he's been hurt. Ain't no dirt or nothing,” said Dominic’s grandmother, Shirley Rawls.

Some neighbors say he may have walked away on his own, because he got into trouble at school Wednesday.

Police believe the 7-year-old slept in nearby bushes overnight.

Dominic’s grandmother can’t understand how he could have been in those bushes the whole time with search parties and police right next to the shrubs.

“He wasn't there last night. We checked. We called him I don't know he got there,” said Rawls.

Dominic and his 6-year-old sister are at the center of a child custody battle between their mother and his guardian, former America's Next Top Model Contestant Robin Manning.

Dominic walked away from Manning's home.

At this point, it's unclear why Manning has custody, but Dominic’s mother says they know each other from day care.

Right now, both sides are just happy he`s no longer missing.

'“I don't know where my son is.’ You just said that an hour ago and now, he's found,” said WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Yes, I’m happy!” exclaimed Groves.

“Thank You Jesus,” said Rawls.

Police haven’t said where Dominic is staying right now.


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