Police Officer, Two Suspects Shot In Helena-West Helena, AR

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) A Helena-West Helena police officer and two suspects were shot Thursday evening.

Investigators say police were serving a search warrant for drugs when the shooting occurred.

The officer, Matthew Jarrett, was wounded and transported to The MED. On Friday, his condition was reported as stable.

David Randle was treated and released, while his brother, Charlie Randle, is in critical condition.

Family members say police burst into the home without any warning.

They tell us Charlie was shot nine times and David was shot in the leg.

Arkansas State Police have been asked to look into the shooting and are conducting a criminal investigation, according to public information officer Bill Sadler.


  • meredith walker

    These so called drug dealers you are referring to is my family my cousins…..just because the news say that’s why they rushed in their resident to serve a warrant doesn’t mean that’s wat they done…no one deserve to b shot 9 times…

  • dorian richardson

    sad to say but when serving a police drug warrant the police dont have to knock.i hate this happened but i know my people were defending their home and reacted according to fear and not knowing who were entering their home.i pray they both be ok.my prayers for the family

  • Felisha Sowell

    I know by brother would not shot at cops. if the so call cops in West Helena would have done the job properly this situation could have been handle better. I know they could have surrounded the house and asked the men to come out. What did they expect when you supect the house you are entering may have drug dealers in the home, the next logical thought is to assume they have weapons. Yah please watch over all as you do and I pray that your perfect will be done, Amen.

    • FacePalm

      Then stop dealing the dope, cops just didn’t pick the house at random, they picked it cause there was illegal activity going on. They are not going to call you out so you can get rid if evidence and walk free. Decent people don’t want a crack house in their area and the cops are not going to give you the chance of destroying evidence or arming yourself so they can be met with a gun in their face when you open the door. Don’t deal drugs and don’t shoot cops, here endeth the lesson.

  • laysha gooden

    who ever you are please we dont have real police officer in west helena and yes they do pick and do other stuff as well and if u do your research you will see that some officer in west helena in jail now helping ppl to sell drug and its wasnt bout no drug ….That’s some they wanted to do and its was a cover up so they can go in there house and They didnt do there job right ….Thank you and have a good day

  • big D

    Smh at he peoples that is on the police department these peoples stay picking for no reason they stay doing stuff they do stuff wrong and nothing is not done about it they here to protect but it don’t seem that way it takes them 20min to come out after they have been call if u stay here then u would know about the department they ain’t about business. Its about they checks and picking they have no respect for Boone don’t got time to work the problem out or anything they are sorry and whatever happen to these men’s I will stand behind them cause I would have done the same, thang to protect. My family cause peoples break I’m people’s

    • ren

      Smh at the murder of the English language used when trying to defend someone on here. Please at least attempt to show a modicum of education if your going to be some ones defender.

  • Marg Coates

    My goodness! I am so shocked at the level of education (not) displayed on this comments section! Do they even have schools in that part of the country? The Grammar use is horrible! Plus kill all these Thug Drug Dealers! No one cares! We all know they are all collecting their EBT Card bennies, welfare cash and Section 8 housing we all pay for, while they deal those drugs! They are Ghetto Thugs just like that Idiot thug and incompetent Obama that they all worship!

  • Thedasout

    Thing is when these ppl put together a plan they expect everything to go according to plan. That mean they planned to run in that house uninvited or unannounced and do what they do. Now messed up plans are just that messed up, was that the planner that stood in front of the door and got shot?

  • Jack Moore

    I agree with Marg about the drug dealer part of her comment but I don’t agree with the Obama comment. President Obama has nothing to do with stupid decisions people make – that is their choice to sell drugs, rob their fellow citizen, or kill another human being. It all boils down to how they were raised. I have no respect for anyone who sells drugs then turn around and cry wolf when the police invade their home. The bottom line if you break the law – you should pay the price – no matter what.

  • claudeanwilliams

    Please don’t defend the people that will sell drugs to your child or your mom or anymore else u love. Let the police do their job because Helena west Helena need them and prayer with it. Word for today!!! No one can keep doin wrong thing’s and don’t think there will be no consequences to pay.

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