Ice Gone, Now Potholes Showing Up On Forrest City Streets

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(Forrest City, AR) Pothole problems!

Seems no city or town, regardless of size, is immune from dangerous and damaging potholes.

They start showing up after extended periods of rain, ice or snow.

In Forrest City, Ark., crews were taking advantage of Thursday's sunshine to get a jump on the pothole problem.

Crews with the Forrest City Street Department took aim on the large number of potholes dotting the city's streets like a bad case of acne.

Mose Metcalf, Director of the Public Works Department, said people starting see more and more potholes and letting him know.

"I may get, me personally, about twenty calls a week about a pothole," said Metcalf.

The costly and damaging craters are the result of a brutal winter that's finally started loosening its icy grip on East Arkansas.

"When the ice starts to melt, it tends to soak more into the asphalt, especially in the cracks, the cracks that you have in the street," said Director Metcalf.

On Lindauer Street, workers had to first remove several inches of water from a pothole before they could apply a "cold" mix of asphalt.

Then it was on to next trouble spot just down the street, close to Milton Patton,Senior's  home.

He wants the city to remove the broken limbs left behind by the ice storm, but he knows they're moving as fast as they can.

"They do what they can. And they going to get to them, when they can get to them. I think they're doing a very good job," said Patton.

But experience a real pothole nightmare, just take a drive down Highway 70,  which runs through the south part of Forrest City.

Derrick Mullins said it's like riding a roller-coaster.

"Up and down. There's low spots, high spots, then you got the potholes. So, it's a real mess," said Mullins.

Highway 70, also known as Broadway, goes right by Derrick Mullins' barber and detail shop named D'Elegance.

"The roads are getting real bad in front of my shop. It's slowing down my business sometimes. People can't get into here to get service done,"said Mullins.

Highway 70 is maintained by the Arkansas Highway Department, not Forrest City.

But Mose Metcalf said his crews have made repairs on some sections of Broadway when State crews weren't available or when conditions warranted.

Highway 70 is the alternate route for traffic trying to avoid the I-40 construction zone on the city's north side.

Construction and accidents on the six-mile stretch of interstate frequently force 18-wheeler traffic onto Highway 70, accounting for much of the damage already on the roadway.

"It used to be the main route through Forrest City to Memphis and to Little Rock. So, it's an old highway," said Public Works Director Mose Metcalf.

Voters in Forrest City passed a one-cent sales tax proposal that will go toward improving streets in the St. Francis County City.

We're told a survey will be done of what streets need the most attention and work could get started by spring.