Customers Say Company Filed Their Taxes Without Their Permission

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(Memphis) Tax time is leading to take troubles for some Memphis residents.

They say a tax preparer filed their taxes without their permission or W2s.

WREG has received a number of complaints from people saying Tax Pros used their personal information and filed their taxes without their permission.

There are several Tax Pros locations in Memphis.

At least three people told us they got a holiday loan from the company back in December.

The said they had no idea the company had used that information to file their taxes.

"The only way I knew they had filed by taxes is I went to H&R Block and my return was rejected from H&R Block," said Judith Posey.

Tax Pros says clients gave them permission to do their taxes if they defaulted on a loan, but said they could not show us the documentation.

The Better Business Bureau said it received four complaints about the company last year and one this year.

One manager of Tax Pros said he was looking into the complaints.


  • Steve

    There is a sucker born every minute. How many more fools will use this tax service? Black on black crime is out of control in Memphis. Don’t let some fly by night ” tax service ” do your taxes, ever.

    • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

      @steve, I’m the first to say black on black crimes are ridiculous and out of control in the world. But, in this case, the tax victims include a whole trailer park with 99.9 white and mexican. So, this was not a chance to be concerned about black on black crimes. I know you are concerned like me (smh), but keep trolling the headlines, you will find the blk on blk crime. Be real.

  • christopher

    they are not scamming anyone those individules got a loan which is to be payd back threw them doing the taxs there so when loan is given consent to file is givin the accusers got the loan and then tryd to fraud them by going somewhere else so they wouldnt have to pay it back taxpros is legit and there good

  • Monique

    @ Christopher true enough they received a loan that is to be paid back but at the same time the tax preparer suppose to have all proper documents before transmitting those returns. Some taxpayers had additional w2’s, 1099, unemployment and other forms that needed to be reported. They are not suppose to transmit returns using information from the last check stub anyway. Then on top of that they are charging interest on the loan that taxpayer is borrowing from their own refund and charging over $500 in fees. That’s the reason why Instant Tax Service was shut down by the feds. Look it up.

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