Cohen Addresses Racial Gap In Breast Cancer Deaths

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(Memphis) Health experts say African-American women in Memphis are twice as likely as white woman to die from breast cancer.

It's a racial gap Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen is hoping to close.

Thursday, Rep. Cohen launched a health education series in Memphis to talk about why so many black woman are dying from breast cancer, and to bring awareness to new provisions in the Affordable Care Act that deal with breast cancer screenings.

Cohen say under Obamacare, preventative care services like mammograms can no longer require co-pays.

"So women need to go get mammograms and encourage others women to go get mammograms. No cost. That's one of the reason cancer in African Americans are caught much later and they are not going to come to a good ending," said Rep. Cohen.

Health experts say many African American women don't get mammograms because they can't afford it or don't have access to health care.


    • Elliott Lanosa

      Wow, look at all the racist and stereotype comments here. It’s no wonder that the disparity continues. People who are racist have nothing at all to add or help the community. The disparity is because they are not reaching out to people of color because they don’t think they matter. It’s a shame and to be one who makes racist comments only fuels the fire. Cohen, don’t ride the backs of those less fortunate for your political life. It really is a shame that you can’t help without making a public show around it. Do your job and quit inviting idiots to run the show.

      • upaces88

        Diet is NOT racist. I worked with many, many black people and trained them for their jobs in Dallas years ago.
        WE’d all go to lunch together and I watched what they eat. I never said anything because no one likes to be told that green veggies are better for you than starches, greasy foods.

        That is a fact and not racist at all.

        I also volunteered at a day care and we only served meats, foul, and veggies. They wouldn’t eat it. They brought their lunches from home.

    • Cherrie

      You have a point about the foods eaten. However, it’s not the top reason. The top reason was given in the article as is stated, it’s because of lack of insurance and thus having less access to proper medical care. In the Black community there is also that stigma of going to doctors and having that feeling of not getting treated. Remember the test treatment of Syphillis in the “Ms. Jane Pittman Story” about the syphillis treatment test given to both black and white men. In that the doctor’s lied and was only given the medical treatments to the white men and a plecebo to the black men. Nonetheless, the black men died while the whites were cured. That was a true story and just a few years ago the last of the survivors of which the story was based were awarded a monetary settlement for the lies there were told about the treatment. One more thing, I know several black women who does not enbrace the old culture of the way people from the South eats, whether black, brown, or white and they developed breast cancer. I even know women that also develop breast cancer and no one else in the family has ever had it. As of present, no science has been able to determine what causes these illiness everything is inconclusive and no matter what orgin or culture you’re from, it can happen to anyone without notice.

  • Tomy

    Why are more blacks dying compared to whites….i don’t know, probably because there are twice as many blacks compared to whites in Memphis. Demographics are demographics and not everything needs to be made into a racial divide. Why not attempt to decrease mortality for all Memphians?……..i hate politicians, especially ones that continue attempts to divide this country.

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