Cohen Addresses Racial Gap In Breast Cancer Deaths

(Memphis) Health experts say African-American women in Memphis are twice as likely as white woman to die from breast cancer.

It’s a racial gap Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen is hoping to close.

Thursday, Rep. Cohen launched a health education series in Memphis to talk about why so many black woman are dying from breast cancer, and to bring awareness to new provisions in the Affordable Care Act that deal with breast cancer screenings.

Cohen say under Obamacare, preventative care services like mammograms can no longer require co-pays.

“So women need to go get mammograms and encourage others women to go get mammograms. No cost. That’s one of the reason cancer in African Americans are caught much later and they are not going to come to a good ending,” said Rep. Cohen.

Health experts say many African American women don’t get mammograms because they can’t afford it or don’t have access to health care.


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