Radiologists Say Mammogram Study Is Flawed

(Memphis)  Memphis doctors say a Canadian study that shows annual mammograms don’t save lives is misleading and flawed.

Canadian researchers tracked nearly 90,000 women for 25 years and found that having an annual mammogram between the ages of 40 to 59 did not lower the chance of dying from breast cancer more than a physical exam.

Dr. Jenny Boals with Methodist Breast Center said the study was based on data from the 1980s and based on mammograms that don’t have nearly the equality available today.

“They really weren’t even standardized mammogram units they were using,” said Dr.  Boals.

Dr. Boals said since standardized mammograms became widely available in the 1990’s the number of cancer deaths has dropped by 30% and said new technology like 3D mammograms has revolutionized breast cancer screenings.

“What the 3D mammogram does is break down the tissue to one millimeter slices so that we can see each layer of breast tissue to see if there is truly an abnormality or not,” said Dr. Boals.

Dr. Boals is concerned this study discrediting mammograms will discourage more woman from getting a mammogram.

“If you are scared of the results, if you are scared of anything about it, if you were worried at all, to hear a report like this erroneous and flawed and everything–if you were worried that  it’s going sway women that need to have mammograms,” said Dr. Boals.>

Methodist Breast Center in Germantown is the only medical clinic in town that offers with the 3D Mammograms.


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