Many Unhappy With SCS Decision To Stay Open

Posted on: 10:05 am, February 12, 2014, by , and , updated on: 10:24pm, February 12, 2014

(WREG-TV) There are a lot of people unhappy with the Shelby County School system today.

Despite the closure of many schools around it, SCS decided to hold classes.

As the morning progressed, more schools closed and more and more accidents were taking place.

Even SCS school board member David Reaves expressed his anger.

When we asked for an interview to explain what happened, Superintendent Dorsey Hopson wouldn’t go on camera.

His Chief of Staff Reginald Porter admitted there was miscommunication, and said when buses started rolling at 5 a.m., the roads seemed pretty clear.

“It’s really a tough call, especially since we have expanded to the county. We have to take everything into account. I can’t say which roads were specifically looked at,” said Porter.

Here is a statement from Hopson:

District staff monitored the weather and the streets all night and checked in with reports at 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. We knew this would be a tough call because there was no significant precipitation at those times, and forecasts had changed multiple times overnight.

Precipitation started after buses were en route, but given the information we had at the time, we did not believe it was in the best interest of students to close schools. Bus drivers were urged to be especially cautious in isolated areas where conditions may have worsened through the morning. 

We ran approximately 1,300 bus routes this morning. We had one minor accident, where a car hit one of our buses, but all students arrived at school safely. Our primary mission is to educate children.

We have alarming literacy rates and achievement gaps across our city and suburbs, and every day we are out of school is a lost opportunity for teaching and learning. Notably, the ASD, charter schools and many private schools in Memphis and Shelby County are also in session today. 

We will continue to monitor the weather and road conditions and remain in contact with the weather bureaus and emergency management officials throughout the day as we have throughout this winter season.

At 4:39 Wednesday morning, snow was  falling at the WREG studios.

“Light snow already making it across the area,” meteorologist Todd Demers said.

While we were on air, Shelby County Schools says they had teams out driving the roads.

“I can’t say which roads specifically were looked at, but we have a robust crew,” Reginald Porter with SCS said.

The district told WREG they didn’t see enough of this to cancel school.

“We typically try to do it before 5, but I’ll tell you if there was a threat at 5:30, we would stop school.”

Buses were sent out and some ran into trouble crossing icy bridges.

“Just seeing all of that, I just couldn’t believe they hadn’t made the decision to call off school,” Cordova mom Jennifer Carsley said.

She called the superintendent around 7 Wednesday morning.

“I was told he was driving around on the streets. I assume if he was driving around on the streets, he would have seen how bad it was,” she said.

Carlsey says safety should be the district’s top priority.

The district said theirs is education.

“The primary goal for our school district is that all of our kids get an education,” Porter said.

The superintendent echoed that point in a statement this afternoon.

“We have alarming literacy rates and achievement gaps across our city and suburbs, and every day we are out of school is a lost opportunity for teaching and learning,” Superintendent Dorsey Hopson said.

“That’s unbelievable,” she said.

She chose not to send her daughter to school and hopes next time the district will err on the side of caution.

The district said buses went out to all 1,300 routes and all kids got to school safely.


  • Michelle says:

    Oops, must be trying to mimick Atlanta, kids were held up all over the
    place, even overnight. But,Atlanta learned a hard cold lesson,(no pun
    intended) They closed schools Tuesday and Wed.this week. When it comes to kids and safety and buses and possible ice or snow on the roads or back roads or bridges,, you don’t
    take chances!! You can’t predict the weather,especially in the Mid

    • insdiewireman says:

      They say hind sight is 20/20…that being said it appears to me that SCS made a good call today, it looks very clear and very safe for the buses to run this afternoon way to go SCS. Keep up the good work and the good eyes on weather!

      • MissTee says:

        If you go play in traffic, you probably won’t get hit.

      • MissTee says:

        If you play in traffic, you probably won’t get hit. And if you didn’t get hit, it must be safe to play in traffic. Hooray for internet logic!

  • joe says:

    Shelby county are the biggest bunch of whiners when it comes to the weather.

    • Kendall says:

      Amen to that.

    • MissTee says:

      And people like you are the biggest bunch of whiners about… Oh, EVERYTHING.

    • MelT says:

      My thoughts exactly!! Memphian kids and parents are wimps when it comes to weather and jump at the first chance to keep their kids from school and getting educated. “School buses stopped all over the city”… when only a few isolated incidents occurred, and one of those should have proceeded over that bridge if the drivers were properly trained.

      • MissTee says:

        Go apply for a job driving busses, since you’re an expert and all.

      • E. Zach Lee-Wright says:

        Well, today we get a little honesty: The chief of staff said “SINCE WE HAVE EXPANDED TO THE COUNTY”. He admits the county school system did not take over the Memphis City Schools but rather MCS took over SCS. Now if he will just come out and admit it had nothing to do with improving education for any of the children.

        SCS was a far better system than MCS. That was seen as being unfair, despite that MCS students had much more money spent on each of them. So the MCS board voted to destroy their school system in order to achieve “fairness”. The new SCS (having been taken over by MCS) will never again be a fair or even middling school system. So what do these people do? They sue Bartlett for wanting to “re segregate”. Bartlett does not want to segregate anything. Shadowlawn Middle (in Bartlett and once an all black school) has over 50% black students so segregation is impossible even if someone wanted to do it. Bartlett just wants to educate their own children, black, white and Asian.

        What many cannot admit is what whites want. White people want the black kids to achieve the highest level of education they possibly can. Many blacks do not see this. They believe “the man” conspires to hold them back. They do not realize they are “the man”.

  • Michelle says:

    It’s February, there should not be any BEES in school. If the schools
    remain open, you might want to consider going back to school to learn

  • Anonymous says:

    How many people complaining decided to make a parental decision and kept their kids at home today?? Just cuz school is in session, doesn’t mean you HAVE to send them! If you are concerned about their safety, then KEEP THEM HOME! You don’t need some clown in a tie to tell you that! What good is a perfect attendance record if your kid is in a crash or falls and gets injured?? Shut up and be the parents people!

    • Brownsuga says:

      ^^^I TOTALLY AGREE….just ridiculous! It’s obvious they can careless about you or your kids safety!^^^

    • I kept mine home. My education was good enough to teach me to think for myself.

      • Lady Elle says:

        Amen to that!

      • Joyce says:

        I totally agree Lady Elle.Now that we see the SCS don,t value th lives of our children, we have to look out for their safety and education.I am for getting a great education, but not @ the expense of my childs life.Dorsey Hopson showed what he think about the children and the parent. He sent a” send out” to address the issue when he himself should have stood up and took the blame for what happened. He can,t say he wasn,t warned or told about what the weather was to be like.It is truly sad when you value a dollar more than a life of safety.I hope when election time roll around, the parents (voters) remember these bad decisions the elected officials are making. Mr. Hopson, do you have kids in school? We are watching how you are handling the school issues @ hand.Shame all you care about is the education and is leaving the caring of the children out. they go together you know.I hope the children that fell and hit their heads on the ice @ school are ok.

    • Kendall says:

      Parents? You must be knew to Memphis.

    • MissTee says:

      A lot of people do that, and did today. Lots of kids are out. Lots of teachers are out. But there are also parents who do not want their kids to miss instruction, and parents who do not want their kids to have an unexcused absence. You know, parents who care about the education just as much as the safety? Or parents who would be unhappy to find their grown children use words like “cuz” when trying to make a point about schools?

      So maybe the people you are griping about ARE being parents. Get a grip.

      • Amber says:

        You’re really trying to justify putting your kids in danger by citing that you “care just as much about their education?” Maybe if you had a decent education, you could tutor your kids while they were home safe.

  • Skeptic says:

    Close the schools people complain. Keep the schools open people complain.

  • Beverly Pogue says:

    I think parents should’ve made a decision to decide if they child safety was at risk. Make sense to me.

    • MissTee says:

      They did.

    • Longhorn says:

      You’re right. The people who are complaining are people who don’t have to scramble to find sitters for their children. There would be many more complaining if school was closed on such a nice day when the streets were in as good shape as they were. When a lot people have to take a day off from work to watch their children play outside instead of receiving instruction in school.

  • nick gerz says:

    our kids are wimps, who didn’t have parents who had to walk 5 miles in the snow uphill to get to school?

    • BARBIE says:


  • Annoyed says:

    Good lord, how do other cities that get actual, proper, serious winter weather possibly function? We hem and haw about closing schools over a little sleet and freezing rain. Maybe people should just learn how to drive when the weather is bad?

    • Regarding how other cities with real winter weather cope…they spend their tax revenue on armies of snow plows and stockpiles of salt. They have hundreds of private snow-plowing and deicing companies with contracts in place to keep businesses open and safe. We would be idiots to invest in the equipment needed to keep roads open and safe for events that happen only a couple of times each year.

      • jbmw123 says:

        You don’t have to buy just a snow plow. Up north, especially on farms and rural areas, people just purchase the blade and put it on and off the trucks…multiple uses for those trucks along with the de-icing equipment as well.

  • John John says:

    What Anonymous said!

  • Donna concerned parent and worker !! says:

    If you this A.M. was bad wait till they let them out this afternoon after freezing rain and sleet have fallen all day, the NWS says the high today will not get above 30 degrees. What will happen tomorrow a.m. with lows in the 20′s tonight? Think about it. When school are open they get federal funding!!

    • joe says:

      Looks like you never even finished school.

    • Kendall says:

      I bet she graduated with honors from Whitehaven or Treadwell. It’s sad that high school graduates from MCS cannot write a paragraph, without numerous grammar and punctuation mistakes.

      • Sanders says:

        I cannot stand name calling, Kendall. So if you are going to “go there” – I must point out that you misused the word “knew” earlier in a post – “Parents, you must be knew to Memphis.” Ironic, huh?

      • joe says:

        Maybe his phone auto corrected new to “knew”.

    • langor1 says:

      Prone to hyperbole Donna? It’s now 1PM and above freezing.

    • MikeBarret says:

      Well it’s 3:30 schools are letting out and I don’t see jack-spit on the road ways. Good call to have schools open today.

  • Beverly Pogue says:

    I don’t know what happened in my posting, my msg should’ve read, after the SCS decided not to close schools, I think parents should’ve made a cedision to decid if they child safety was at risk. Make sense to me.

  • Mem Pride says:

    Plowboy and Joe are jokes. To be honest I really believe they are rejects. They don’t understand what a child has to face on the street, walking or riding. You see where they are in a warm place on the computer complaining about REAL PARENTS concern. So to you guys until you find a woman that will have you and give you kids your jokes then are really on you. Or is it that you guys biological clock has ticked out?

    • joe says:

      No you’re the reject you whine over cold weather every time it drops below 40, maybe if you got your kids proper clothes for the weather they could walk to school like most of use that lived up north did during the winter time and didn’t complain about it.

      I bet half of these whiners saying they can’t afford winter clothes for their kids have flat screen tvs, pay Comcast $100+ a month for cable TV and drive SUVs to work and are on assistance.

      • Kevin says:

        Joe, you are a low-class, poor, rejected, bigot … you need to shut your mouth and sit there all alone as usual ….. no woman, man , nor child would ever think about bieng with such a disgrace as yourself ….

      • joe says:

        Oh no I’m so hurt by your comments…you’re racist.

      • jbmw123 says:

        Joe you are completely correct! Or they complain they can’t “find” the appropriate clothes here. Apparently they have never heard of places like Sport Authority or Burlington Coat Factory or Dicks Sporting Goods.

      • joe says:

        or Goodwill, or the Salvation Army

  • Kendall says:

    Close the schools!!!….Close the schools.!!!…..I saw 4 snowflakes out my window. Cowboy up folks. I was on the roads this morning and the roads are fine. Get off your fat tails and take your kids to school.

    • Christina says:

      Tell that to all those who were involved in traffic accidents this morning and are still waiting for tow trucks to move their vehicles, and advise the MPD and Shelby County Sherrif’s department who implemented the inclement weather policy and have closed on/off ramps on the interstate. Clear roads in one area are not indicative of clear roads throughout the county.

      • joe says:

        How many of those in accidents were too busy talking on their cell phones and texting about the weather? Run a report on their cell providers and I bet you dollars to donuts over 50% of them were on the phone when they wrecked.

      • Brooke says:

        Or the roads were actually bad in some areas. When slowly switching lanes, I hit an icy patch that nearly spun me out. So..

    • Russell says:

      You may want to go back to school Kendall. Your three post all have grammar and punctuation errors. I would try to list them but I am unsure that you would understand. It is extremely rare to find posts anywhere written by someone with good grammar.

  • jbmw123 says:

    Please crash on clear sunny days….If your kid falling and hitting its head is a concern then put a helmet on them. My guess SCS stayed open is, the teachers/administrators don’t want to give up any of their spring break to make up all these missed days or summer vacation.

    • You know what?

      Cold weather? Teachers work (without students). Anything else – except heavy snow or total sheets of ice deposited over days? They work. Monsoon flooding, tornado possibilities – all sorts of things like that? They work. Furthermore, I don’t know a committed teacher who doesn’t spend at least 6 more hours after the school day planning and grading, readying rooms, decorating – all that crap that must be done – on their own time. Do t even get into very basic classroom supplies teachers must furnish because the SCS claims utter penury. This on top of what are for many already 10 hour days by default or circumstance.

      At the whim of an administrator, teachers have extra faculty meetings at non-scheduled times – and no assurance others won’t happen again on a lark. Teachers have had to cancel all manner of after-school commitments as a result, from doctor’s appointments (you have for to be kidding that the SCS looks kindly of teachers leaving school even for root canals – or spending time with critically-ill spouses in-hospital – even those in ICU or undergoing very complex surgeries), working with students in mentoring situations (and second jobs taken to simply make ends meet – especially those with Master’s +35 (or +100 – no matter) because all salaries have been frozen with no cost of living increases or benefits while teaching students who don’t care and have zero parental involvement. And, at the end of the year, these in-service days when the kids aren’t in school but the teachers are required to be there is sheer and utter idiocy; they receive NO pay or in-knind differentials for it. They work hard enough as it is with little support from administrators who cut corners wherever; admin say they cannot do or pay more on declining budgets, because they must teach to the test; high-stakes testing is tied to teacher pay (and and all principals and in-school administrators. No critical thinking for most, poor spelling, non-existent sentence construction much less the ability to write a convincing written argument much less in plain English and not IM-speak )I teach at a college – this is all-too-familiar.

      Yeah. Sure. It’s the *teachers* who want this. If you don’t know this, I seriously wonder if you have ever met or worked with or even attended parent-teacher conferences.

      Further, school starts in July for teachers (how on earth do you think they can take full-summer teacher-enrichment courses when they cannot even attend the last two or three weeks or programs?). July and August are the most expensive months of the year for teaching – and yet the system never considers a) the extraordinary budget ramifications, or b) the possibility of heat stroke all the way around – especially for those who walk. Those are also *required* in-service days for faculty – and they are subject-specific requirements. Not a teacher I know doesn’t work during the summer, either.

      Faculty whose enrichment courses are to immediate termination even if they DO choose to finish these critical school-required things.

      So yes. You endanger children’s AND faulty lives by pulling the stupidity the Superintendent and his ‘cabal’ (independent in all ways from the Board) made today.

      Think about this next time you paint teachers with such a broad brush next time you suspect them of being in cahoots with the administration – or the need for their union.

      The spouse of a year-’round overworked spouse in the SCS

      • Sorry for the typos; I know the grammar police is out in force. ;)

      • Say WHAT? says:

        CopingVeryInsecurelyDaily : Are ALL those mistakes “typo” errors? Seems like an attempt to build a façade to cover the excuse of ineptitude – as demonstrated by your lack of proficiency in ANY aspect of English grammar.

        Your spouse teaches? God bless, she needs to begin with YOU. I bet your spouse is found within the realm of an old city (MCS) school that garners pathetically low scholastic test scores!

      • LStauffer says:

        Oh, bless your heart, Say WHAT? You poor thing!

        It seem you are only here to show your behind and gleefully pretend to “score points” by virtue (?) of your sarcasm and ignorance!

        As any writer worth his or her salt will attest, the proof of the author is *never* in a first draft – ever. There is nobody who publishes anything serious of note – print or electronic format – who gets it perfect on the first try. Ever. It was a long response, the review box is utterly unreadable on the iPhone (which is notorious for Autocorrections, hindered by WREG’s poor mobile layout). As soon as I *was* able to read it clearly, there was no opportunity for revision (no edit button, WREG?), I wrote acknowledging the errors. But your goal here seems to have nothing to do wih addressing the issue at hand and everything to do with jumping folks while making it so clear your opinion is little more ham worthless – and certainly has nothing to do with the topic at hand from the WREG article (above). The only point you *do* make is that you cannot make sense of either the thrust of an written missive or the points made therein. Do you know how to write a persuasive essay? Truly? Or is Internet trolling your only claim to fame? You really ought to take one of my classes if any of these is the case; emphasizing clarity of vision and the essential process of “revise, revise, revise” is never far from the expression and full communication of topics I cover with my students – this alongside care and genuine concern I express as an advisor to many students, both in my classes and not. (Pouvez-vous comprendre cette réalité fondamentale?).

        “Revise, revise, revise” was not an option here, and I am so profoundly sorry that you cannot remotely see the forest for the hills. That you can read responses (even with such a lack of comprehension) or communicate in this forum at all is the direct result of educators in your life.

        I’m sorry you didn’t pay as much attention as you might have; your contributions here might meet with a little more seriousness.

        Bless Your Heart, Dear.

        P.S. This, too, was written via the truly awful WREG iPhone app. Perhaps you might use your little bitty “understand” button if there may be an error or two here instead of being such a jerk?

      • LStauffer says:

        “…clear your opinion is little more *than* worthless…”

        Wouldn’t want to be misunderstood, you know.

        Bless Your Heart, Dear

  • Leavingheresoon says:

    and no early dismissal. I recall Atl saying they should have stagnated times for people to go home. Schools first, then the private sector, and finally government workers. Everyone is going to be on the road at once trying to get home. They should prepare a statement for this as well.

  • Bytemeagain says:

    My goodness! With all the bad grammar, misspellings, and half-wit thoughts flying around in this forum, it’s clear that a great deal of people commenting are products of a Memphis public school education.
    I’ve always wondered why there were so many empty turnip trucks in this city.
    Mystery solved.

  • Kevin says:

    “Being” sorry about that grammar cop …

  • Senior mom says:

    my son was rear ended on the way to school today due to the ice. School should have closed AND should be let out early today. This is ridiculous. They close for COLD weather but not ice? This school merger sucks and glad my son is a senior this year.

  • Molly says:

    I am a teacher, and I myself slid 3 times in my Expedition on my way to my school off of Houston Levee. I then had a child come in to class with a bleeding and swollen lip because she fell on the ice. Poor decision.

    • jbmw123 says:

      You can afford an Expedition as a teacher? and I thought you were all underpaid.

      • LStauffer says:

        jbmw123 –

        You *do* realize that Expeditions have been made since 1996, and because they are gas guzzlers, used car lots want to unload their stock of them – especially high-mileage ones – as quickly as possible to make room for more profitable vehicles. As quickly as possible = very discount prices.

        You *could* give this teacher a break and give the benefit of the doubt that, as in our family, we purchase used – usually near 100,000 miles – and keep them running through careful maintenance; can’t afford car notes or high insurance.

        Just a thought. I mean… How much *might* an 18-year-old high-mileage Expedition be worth, do you suppose?

        Just a thought

      • jbmw123 says:

        @Lstauer – I could give them a break, I just don’t understand the relevance in the type of car they drive. They mentioned it so I ran with it. And like you said they are gas guzzlers so again, how can a supposed underpaid teacher afford the gas?

      • Molly says:

        I was going to overlook your snide remark, but then you had to say something else. I guess you, like many others, think that my job is just to be a babysitter and that I don’t have to do much, sp therefore, I’m not really underpaid. I don’t understand your point in being rude. I simply stated that I drove an expedition because it’s a heavy car, and if I was sliding I could only imagine buses were.

  • langor1 says:

    Too dangerous to go to school, but not too dangerous to go sledding or to the mall. Too dangerous to go to school, but not too dangerous to go to the movies or a friends house. Oh, the dangers of the education you should be grateful you can get, instead you whine about nothing and expect handouts for the same.

  • AneMy Mahala says:

    Don’t give Kendall just a hard time because he likes to correct gammar. The other day someone said “your parents” and he told them it should be “you’re”. He is performing a public service by proving that some people talk like they know something when they really don’t.

    • LStauffer says:

      Too true.

      It does seem the grammar cops have some trouble expressing themselves as well. But they expect understanding as they go about with the knuckle-rapping ruler while refusing to extend the same courtesy to others.

  • Joyce says:

    Seems as tho we need to get rid of the District Staff and replace them with people that have a more caring heart for our children.People what it all comes to is money. Like the weather man said, they knew a day ahead of time what was headed our way.Makes you wonder if they have kids in the school system.(?) I am all for getting a great education,but don’t put my child life @ risk because some DS member want the money for that seat being occupied.Remember these people in office that are making all these bad decisions for our school system and other matters pertaining to this city when election time, okay?

  • Difficult to hear SCS justifying their decision to stay open by saying that many schools, including the ASD and several private schools also chose to stay open. The ASD and many private schools base their decisions on opening or closing on what the county decides. It would be hard for another district or school to “go rogue” and publicly make a different decision when they usually run with the county’s plan. Nice try, SCS. It was your call, and you missed it.

  • Carlycya Small says:


  • Joe says:

    truly embarrassing……Midwest schools have this policy…..if sand, salt and plows are running….school is open… play outside during recess unless actual temps are below zero. (assumption is proper clothing….duh)

    Memphis parents are pansies….period

  • Kim says:

    *LIGHT BULB!” Maybe the school systems should issue out laptops with webcam on them when bad weather is about to occure so students can stay home and still be taught by their teachers from the saftey of their homes! When the bad weather is over student have to bring back laptop or they will be charged!

    • MikeBarret says:

      Yes this is brilliant. Let’s take a school system already 100 million dollars in debt and buy every child a laptop, that will solve everything. Many of these parents can’t even afford to buy LUNCH for their kids, much less pay for a damaged/stolen laptop.

  • Linda says:

    I saw three wrecks on Raleigh-Lagrange this morning. I would have kept my child home but the roads didn’t seem bad until after the bus had picked up my child. It took 45 minutes to get from my house to Trinity. Normally a 10 minute drive. Not sure about the cell phone use but I do know that I regretted letting my child go to school this morning on the bus. Luckily the children made it safely. TDOT should be ashamed of themselves. They put salt down after the 3 wrecks on that road. After the fact doesn’t help these poor people, one car was on its side between the trees, one truck slid right into the ditch, and the other car had slid off into the ditch.

  • Hautekarisma says:

    Before the merging SCS got out of school if It looked like it was gone snow

  • Aha! says:

    Too bad Richard Ramsom and other Memphis journalists did not actually investigate and report what a fiasco the merger would be three years ago. Now Ransom is upset over schools not closing for weather. How do you think the people who did not want the merger feels? This is just one of the reasons why. Hey, Ransom and NC3, next time there is something as important as a school merger, investigate it and do some real reporting on the detrimental outcomes that could come as a result.

  • MelT says:

    You wimpy whiners watch too much alarmist TV reports. It wasn’t that bad. What are you teaching your kids for life? If it’s not perfect weather, they won’t have to go to work either??

  • Nick Martin says:

    Shelby County Schools just wanted to stay open for the money. It’s cold hearted to let schools resume knowing that the National Weather Service announced frozen precipitation that will sleet roads etc. Shelby County Schools must not care for the health of the students . But i must say this wasn’t the only time they done this. I’m glad this was aired on the news.

  • GetInformed says:

    The bottom line is that SCS school days are 15 minutes longer than is mandated by the state. This allows for 5 built in snow days. I would assume the built in snow days are supposed to be there for days like today. No reason to build the days in if they aren’t going to use them.

  • mad dad says:

    This is another time SCS got it wrong. My Daughter was at her bus stop at 6:15 by 6:45 the bus was a no show. What were they thinking .The call should have been made to at 5am. NO SCHOOL We are in the 38138 zip so I know what SCS thinks of the kids here. Next year is going to be a real joke.

  • Julia E says:

    The schools should have closed today. SCS’s statement, that focused on missing a day, is ridiculous when the safety of our students is a consideration. We have built-in snow days for a reason. Parents should use their own common sense. However, if parents had kept their children home they would have to live with the consequences of their child having a ‘not excused’ absence. The powers-that-be dropped the ball…thankfully no one was hurt today…they were lucky.

  • LStauffer says:

    “…little more *than*…”

    Wouldn’t want to be misunderstood – or not get the point across, as it is so very important to my tough love with you…

    • LStauffer says:

      Sorry my comment (above) ended up here; it belonged elsewhere and has nothing to do with this thread. ;)

  • MissTee says:

    There was “only one minor accident”. This just is not a sufficient excuse or justification. The roads looked clear? Have these clowns never heard of black ice? I have. I hit several patches of it on the way to work. Under any other circumstances would the statement that we only had one accident be acceptable?

  • LStauffer says:

    Which is more important?

    A child’s life? Or a TCAP score?

    I think I know where administrators’ opinions fall.

    Oh – and while a goodly number of Northerners (especially people outside municipal limits) do live with at least one junk pickup onto which they can mount a snowplow blade, not one of them can truly control a vehicle in ice. Without serious chains and snow tires, you don’t really have a chance if you hit it and your car starts a spin, and even then, successful recovery is iffy. I know far too many people, too, who believe that “I have the biggest personal-use truck on the road, so I am immune to these dangers!” when the far better car for basic driving in snow and some icy conditions is one that is fairly wide and has a low center of gravity.

    All I can do when F250s pass me on Park going 45 in snow and ice is to shake my head and hope they only take themselves in the crash they are more likely than most to have. You folks are not invincible in these behemoths, you know?

  • joe says:

    Confederate Scout – “General Lee, General Lee, them Yankees is trying to attack us in mid-February, they is gonna win the war for sure!!!! What should we do sir??”

    General Lee – “Well, seeing as it’s cold and all and snowin you boys ought not be out in that weather, so we are gonna call a snow day on account of a dusting…I’ll tell General Grant to hold off the attack until it’s warmer.”

    General Grant – “BAHAHAHAHAHA STUPID REBS!!!!”

  • Joe Censored says:

    Minor icing around some over passes. absolutely no reason to close schools. The only accidents were people speeding across the over passes or on their cell phones. These kids cant read or write as it is and they want to cancel the day? Wimpy, Whining, bed wetting southerners need a reality check.

  • Russ says:

    People…use your common sense…If you don’t think it is safe to put your kid on the bus, then keep them home ….You don’t need anyone to tell you when it is safe to put your kids on the bus….Geez…

  • Lynn says:

    If it was so much about literacy and learning they would do something about the disruptive children in the classroom who makes it hard for other kids to learn!!!!! It’s all about money!!!!

  • Don says:

    Cordova mom Jennifer Carsley has the right,as all parents do and that is they make a decision to not let her child get on board a schoo l bus if she thinks the weather is too bad.
    I would think It would be a good idea if she would sent a note to the school and justify her opion.
    I only saw one incident where a car ran into one school bus, nothing would indicate there was any injuries. and it wasn’t any explanation what caused the crash. (should be a report somewhere)
    Couple of other photo’s showed other crashes that may have been caused by stupidity as are most crashes. The may have happened ice or no ice.

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