Ice Causes Major Delta Headaches

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(Tunica County, MS) Ice was almost everywhere you looked in Tunica County Wednesday morning.

Fields were full of it, and it gave swamps an eerie look.

Most of all, it made roads downright dangerous and brought traffic to a crawl.

”It usually takes me about 15 minutes to get to work. It took somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to get to work," said Deliah Vaughn, who said she’s never had to face that kind of commute.

Further south in Clarksdale, more ice brought more problems.

”It’s hard to get out of town. I mean, I had to drive at least five miles an hour to make it to 61, then I could only drive 30. Just rough,” said Allen Lane of Coahoma County

The ice storm was forecast to hit farther north and east of here, so when sleet started falling, Tunica’s road department took to the streets.

”We’ve been working ever since 5, 4 o’clock this morning getting all our bridges treated, the casino boulevards, streets everywhere,” said Tunica County Road Manager Joe Eddie Hawkins.

They worked fast and got people moving over every bridge and across every major intersection.

"We worked very hard to put out some slag with the equipment that we have.”

There weren’t any reports of any serious problems here, but other parts of the state reported multi-car pileups.

This rough winter has everyone hoping for a break.

”I’m waiting for spring. I want to go on vacation,” said Vaughn

Hawkins says he’s not too concerned about re-freezing, since the salt and melted ice here has a lower freezing temperature, but he’s watching and says his road crew will be ready just in case.