Many Crashes Reported Wednesday

Posted on: 6:27 am, February 12, 2014, by , updated on: 10:48am, February 12, 2014


(WREG-TV) There continue to be delays and accidents on many MidSouth roads today due to snow and freezing rain.

Interstate 40 west between Highway 64 and Germantown Parkway was closed for a time due to a crash.

The ramp to and from I-40 west onto Germantown Parkway was also closed until it could be treated.

Memphis Police implemented their inclement weather policy, asking drivers to exchange information and report the crash later, unless there are injuries.

TDOT had some brine solution left on roads but that didn’t always do the trick.

Memphis Police spent much of their morning calling for salt trucks.

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  • leavingheresoon says:

    Yet SCS didn’t close. Has nobody learned from Atl?

  • Jeremy says:

    You people are a total riot to watch. How about visiting Buffalo during a real snow storm?

  • HappilyFree says:

    Yeah, Jeremy, and watch you guys start dying during a heat wave!

  • nick gerz says:

    i have an SUV, that means i can go just as fast while texting!

  • Wregwatcher says:

    People up north are critical of us southerners. Driving on Snow is different from driving on ice. We handle snow just fine. Its the black ice we have to learn to adapt to. That is hard to do since we only get snow and ice one every two or three years!

    • jbmw123 says:

      They have black ice up there too…in fact, they have a lot of it. But they also have drivers education offered at schools which covers driving on ice/snow, instead of leaving it up to the incompetent parents to teach them to drive.

    • kay says:

      you are right, snow I can deal with, ice I rather not get out unless I must

  • hateliberalcommies says:

    These people can’t drive in the first place. So you add 1/16 of an inch of snow or ice(joke in that also) and this is the final SAD result..

  • Joe Censored says:

    Watching these southerners is always good for a laughable ride to work when there is some minor ice on the road.

  • Gunz45 says:

    Driving 65mph on 385 and people are going 30mph, 10 and 2… And they were probably the ones to wreck all morning. There was more ice on my scroat this morning.

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